Inclusion (Disability, Aged and Carers) Advisory Committee

The Inclusion (Disability, Aged and Carers) Advisory Committee provides advice based on the experience in the areas of living with a disability, being elderly/aged, and being a carer. The Advisory Committee also provides advice to assist making the Woollahra Local Government Area (LGA) a pleasant place to live and accessible for all. The advisory Committee provides feedback on Council, policies, strategies, plans and infrastructure as well as services and facilities.

The Inclusion (Disability, Aged and Carers) Advisory Committee reports to the Finance, Community & Services Committee (FC&S).

Improving access to services, facilities, public spaces, programs and events and simplifying Council processes will lead to better inclusion of all people who live, work or play in Woollahra. For more information, see Council’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan(PDF, 2MB). An Easy Read version(PDF, 1MB) is also available.

The Advisory Committee will consist of:

Council representatives

The Mayor

Two (2) Councillors appointed by the Mayor, following an annual EOI process undertaken with Councillors. The Mayor will nominate the Chair of the Advisory Committee.

Staff Representatives

Up to two (2) Council staff, with a minimum of one (1) Manager level staff member being present at all meetings.

Community representatives

Four (4) community members of the Woollahra Local Government Area will be members of the Advisory Committee, with at least:

  • One (1) member being a person living with disability;
  • One (1) person being a carer;
  • One (1) member being a local service provider who supports people with disabilities, the aged or carers in the Woollahra community;
  • One (1) person being aged 65 years or older who are able to contribute.

Community members will be paid a sitting fee for each meeting they attend in recognition of the expertise they bring to Advisory Committee meetings. This is in addition to being reimbursed for out of pocket expenses incurred due to attendance at meetings. Any changes to the sitting fees and/or payment of expenses are to be pre-approved by the FC&S Committee.

View the Inclusion (Disability, Aged and Carers) Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 686KB) 

You too can have your say on current projects that may lead to greater inclusion. 

Inclusion Advisory Committee minutes

Contact details

Community Development
Telephone: 9391 7191

Code of Conduct

All members of Council's sub-committees and working parties are required to comply with Council's Code of Conduct. To assist community representatives understand the Code's requirements, Council has prepared a Guide for Community Representatives(PDF, 544KB).