Car share

How does this service work?

Woollahra Council supports car sharing as a convenient, sustainable and low cost alternative to car ownership, car rentals and taxis. Car sharing is a scheme designed to provide easy access to a car on an hourly, weekly or ad hoc basis.

Once signed up to the scheme, you book your Car Share online or over the phone and collect it from its dedicated Car Share spot. You can access the vehicle with a keycard, drive the car for the allotted time and return it to the same dedicated spot. Cars can be reserved for immediate use or reserved up to a year in advance. Minimum booking is for one hour.

Car Share schemes can reduce traffic and parking congestion and help the environment. Car sharing, pioneered in Europe in the 1970s and first introduced in Woollahra in 2008, provides residents and local companies with a sustainable alternative to car ownership at a fraction of the cost. Car sharing can benefit both the user and the environment.

Car Share providers and locations

Car Share approval to date has been granted to a company called GoGet and there are currently dedicated Car Share spots in the Woollahra Municipality at the following locations:


  • Broughton Street - Near Duxford Street
  • Cascade Street - Corner Windsor Lane
  • Cooper Street - Corner Brown Street
  • Duxford Street - South of Gurner Street
  • Flinton Street - Near Glenmore Road
  • Glenview Lane - Near no. 108 Boundary
  • Goodhope Street - Near Lawson Street
  • Hampden Street - Near Roylston Street
  • Liverpool Street - Outside no. 29
  • Liverpool Street - Corner Glenmore Road
  • Ormond Street - Opposite no. 16-20
  • Paddington Street - Corner Jersey Road (2 Spots)
  • Quarry Street - Corner Jersey Road
  • Sutherland Street - Near Elizabeth Street


  • Edgecliff Road - Outside no. 297
  • Fullerton Street - North of no. 8-14
  • Lesswell Street - North of 290 Edgecliff Road
  • Ocean Street - Corner Wellington Street
  • Queen Street - East of Edgecliff Road
  • Wallis Street - Corner Nelson Street


  • Edgecliff Road - Outside no. 428
  • New McLean Street - Near driveway to Edgecliff Centre Carpark
  • New McLean Street - West of pedestrian crossing to Edgecliff Railway Station

Darling Point

  • Darling Point Road - North of Loftus Street
  • Darling Point Road - North of Goomerah Road
  • Darling Point Road - North of St Marks Road
  • New Beach Road - Near the corner of New South Head Road

Double Bay

  • Bellevue Road - Near New South Head Road
  • Holt Street - Near Henrietta Street
  • Ocean Avenue - Near South Avenue
  • Patterson Street - Outside no. 4-8
  • South Avenue - Near Cooper Street
  • William Street - West of Bay Street

Bellevue Hill

  • Victoria Road - Outside no. 149

Rose Bay

  • Balfour Road - Near Plumer Road
  • Ian Street - Near Dover Road
  • Newcastle Street - Corner Wilberforce Avenue
  • O'Sullivan Road - Corner Plumer Road
  • Salisbury Road - Near Plumer Road

It is anticipated that other Car Share operators may come online in the future and operators are welcome to contact Council on 9391 7000 to enquire about joining the scheme.

To view current Car Share rates, become a member, book a car or find more information, visit GoGet Car Share or call 1300 769 389.

Woollahra Council is pleased to support car sharing as a sustainable transport option.