Stills photography

Submitting an application for Commercial Stills Photography

Council approval is required to conduct stills photography of a commercial nature which specifically relates to advertising, product launches/promotions and fashion shoots. Other types of stills photography e.g. landscapes and student photography, are exempt and do not require Council approval (with the exception of bridal photography, which requires approval under our wedding & bridal photography park hire process).

For photographic activities that require Council approval, a Photography permit application (commercial stills)(PDF, 245KB) form must be completed and submitted to the Recreational Bookings Coordinator (contact details at bottom of page)

To allow for assessment of applications and to provide sufficient time to notify relevant internal departments and Council's Regulatory Staff of the shoot, applications that provide less than 3 full workings days notice may not be approved.

Information required when applying to undertake photography:

  • a description of the proposal
  • a drawing of the proposed location of shooting and parking for essential vehicles
  • a copy of your public liability insurance.


You must notify residences and stakeholders in a 50m vicinity of the location by way of letterbox drop, at least 2 workings days prior to the shoot. The notification should included information such as:

  • contact details
  • description of photography shoot
  • proposed location
  • commencement and completion dates and times
  • number of productions persons and potential parking arrangements

Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic Control

Parking availability in Woollahra can sometimes be limited, therefore posted parking regulations and the Australian Road Rules apply at all times.

Where filming is proposed in a residential area we may be able to provide suggestions for alternative parking for support trucks and catering which will minimise impact on residents.

Where photography requires the use of a public road and alterations to traffic flow, and/or parking, a Traffic Management Plan will be required to be submitted with your application.

Where public pedestrian movements are proposed to be altered, a pedestrian management plan will be required to be submitted with your application.

Fees and Charges

Payment is require in full prior to approval. Our current fees are:

  • Application fee: $198.00 per application
  • Location fee MEDIUM (4-10ppl):  $192 p/h
  • Location fee HIGH (11+ppl):  $241 p/h

Note: In addition to the application and location fees, late fees are also charged if less than 7 workings days or 3 working days notice is provided.

Bonds may also be applied to the photography shoot depending on the potential impact/damage to Council managed land and infrastructure. Council staff will inspect the site at the end of the shoot and shall refund the bond if no damage has occurred.

Recreational Bookings Coordinator
Telephone: 9391 7077