DA fees

Fees vary considerably depending on the type of the development proposed and the value of the work.

Our adopted Delivery Program and Operational Plan sets out the Development Application (DA) fees which you can use to work out the total fee payable at lodgement. Our customer service officers can advise you of the total amount payable at lodgement.

Call us on 9391 7000 or send us an email records@woollahra.nsw.gov.au requesting a "Development Application fee calculation".

You must tell us what type of work is proposed and the cost of the proposed development. Remember that developments over $750,000 require a registered quantity surveyor to calculate the cost of carrying out the development.

If you email us this request, one of our customer service officers will email you the current fees. Please note that fees may change and any advice about fees is only current for the date it is given.

DA fees for photovoltaic systems and solar hot water systems

On 23 March 2009, Council resolved to waive all fees for DAs that are solely for photovoltaic systems and/or solar hot water (including gas boosted) systems.

Where these systems form part of a broader development proposal, Council also resolved that the cost of the systems should not be included in the estimated cost of the development for the basis of calculating DA fees or section 7.12 levies (formerly known as section 94A levies). In this situation you must provide documentary evidence of the cost of the systems with your development application.