Floodplain management

Under the NSW Government's Flood Prone Land Policy, management of flood prone land is primarily the responsibility of councils. Woollahra Council through its Floodplain Risk Management Committee is currently preparing comprehensive floodplain studies for the following catchments:

Floodplain Management Process

The Floodplain Management Process defines the nature and extent of flooding and provides a basis for sound floodplain management planning for a catchment. The four-staged process recognises the demands for development and change, the need for good urban and environmental outcomes, and the social and economic benefits of reducing flood damage.

Stage one - includes data collection and the preparation of a Flood Study.

Stage two - preparation of a Floodplain Risk Management Study (FRMS) that identifies a range of floodplain management measures to address the problems and areas of concern.

Stage three - preparation of a Floodplain Risk Management Plan that documents how the proposed measures identified in the FRMS are to be implemented in terms of resources and timing.

Stage four - undertaking of the works identified by the Floodplain Risk Management Plan.

Estuary Planning Levels Property Database(XLSX, 781KB)