Scheduled clean-up service

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How does this service work?

Council's Scheduled Clean-Up Service provides for the disposal of larger household items, that do not fit into your red-lid rubbish bin and items generally not accepted as part of your weekly Domestic Waste Collection.

To find your next clean-up day, search for your property in our Clean-Up Services map.

How to ensure your clean-up items are collected

  • Put them out for collection on the Sunday night before your Monday collection. Not earlier and not later!
  • Place items neatly and safely by the edge of the kerb in front of your own property.
  • Box, tie or wrap small items.
  • Take doors off fridges and other white goods/furniture.
  • Materials must not exceed one ute load per household.
  • Don’t put items out after the collection day. They will not be collected.

Please ensure that you comply with the above criteria. Clean-up notices starting at $320 will be issued for non compliance.

What do we collect?

  • Small items of furniture
  • Small appliances
  • White goods (remove fridge doors)
  • Mattresses
  • Dismantled bed frames
  • General household items.

What we don’t collect

  • Soil and rocks
  • Sawdust
  • Building/renovation materials (bricks, concrete, tiles, timber, carpet, etc.)
  • Hazardous materials such as chemicals, paint tins, batteries and oil
  • Motor vehicle parts
  • Items that exceed collection limit
  • Garden organics (place in your garden waste crate/bin)
  • Household recycling such as cardboard boxes (place in your recycling crate/bin).

Re-use benefits the community as well as the environment

Think about alternative uses for your clean-up items before putting them out for collection. Consider donating items to charities, advertising in local online groups or arranging a garage sale. Many charities offer a free pick-up service for pre-loved items in good condition.

Visit our page on more recycling and disposal options for items not accepted in this service.

Can't wait until your next clean-up? Council provides a special Paid collection of household goods for the disposal of larger household items during unscheduled periods. Visit our page on additional services available to view Special pick up of household rubbish.

To find your next clean-up day, search for your property in our Clean-Up Services map.