Builders - What you need to know

What does the principal contractor have to do before any work begins?

  1. Make sure there is a development consent
  2. Make sure there is a construction certificate
  3. Pay all fees, contributions, levies, etc.
  4. Pay the Building and Construction Long Service Levy
  5. Obtain all relevant permits and other approvals
  6. Read the relevant development consent (You must comply with the relevant conditions)
  7. Get your Work Zone (if necessary)
  8. Get a Site Sign from Council
  9. Get your Environmental Controls in place
  10. Tell the neighbours you are about to start work
  11. Make sure the owner or Principal Certifier have given Council the Notice of Commencement

Basic rules

Keep the neighbours happy! It is the little things that matter, make sure the trades work within the permissible hours, keep the site clean and the footway clear. Warn the neighbours if a wide load is being delivered in the early hours of the morning (with our approval as well). If you need temporary access, consult with the neighbours, don't trespass. If damage happens give them a written undertaking to fix it.

How do I get a Council Site Sign?

Please come in to the Council and ask for one. The first sign is free, replacement signs are at a small fee.

What environmental controls must be in place?

The primary environmental controls are:

  1. Hoardings (site fences or overhead)
  2. Erosion and Sediment Controls(PDF, 494KB)
  3. Dust Controls(PDF, 528KB)
  4. Others, see our "Do it right on site" fact sheets, read our conditions and visit the NSW Workcover and Office of Environment and Heritage websites.