Road Safety

Education of Cyclists, Motorists and Pedestrians on Road Sharing and Safety

Information on road sharing and safety for various groups, including bicycle, motorists and pedestrians is not unique to the Woollahra municipality.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has a Centre for Road Safety whose aim is to develop practical solutions which reduce death and injury on NSW roads while taking into account our changing road user community and environment.

The NSW Centre for Road Safety has key responsibilities such as:

  • Development and reviewing speed zone policies to ensure safety
  • Allocating flashing lights outside schools in high crash risk areas
  • Funding targeted police operations and programs
  • Testing new road safety technologies
  • Producing road safety education material for schools and local communities
  • Developing awareness campaigns to improve road user behaviour

In general, RMS would prefer that Councils utilise the same road safety messages and resources which have been developed by RMS. This helps to ensure consistency in the road safety message across NSW.

RMS and the NSW Centre for Road Safety already have a number of road safety education programs in place which aim to educate cyclists, motorists and pedestrians on road sharing and safety. These education programs are applicable to Woollahra and NSW in general.

Please visit Roads and Maritime Services for more information.