Conveyancing certificates

Conveyancing certificates are usually required when a property is being purchased or sold.

The quickest way to apply and pay for conveyancing certificates is online.

Costs for conveyancing certificates

The costs for certificates are set out in Council's Fees and Charges schedule. You can also see the current 2023/2024 financial year fees in the table below:

Section 10.7 (2) $67.00 $224.00
Section 10.7 (5) $100.00 $257.00
Section 10.7 (2) and (5) $167.00 $324.00
Section 603 LG Act $95.00 $252.00
Section 121ZP EP&A Act orders / notices only $121.00 $278.00
Section 735A LG Act orders / notices only $121.00 $278.00
Section 121ZP and section 735A orders / notices only $209.00 $366.00
Full search of orders / notices (s735A, s121ZP plus other Acts) $261.00 $418.00

Time to process a certificate

The nominated times for the processing of a certificate are:

Standard - 10 working days from the time of receipt
Expedite - 1 working day from time of receipt

Street address and legal description of the land - what is the difference?

When applying for certificates, the following information is required:

  • the lot/s and strata/deposited plan/s (current legal description); and
  • the street address.

For example, a street address may be known as No. 2 Smith Street, but the legal description of the land is Lots 1 and 2 on Deposited Plan 12345.

The lot and plan system provides the legal description of the land. The correct legal description is important as Council uses a Lot and Deposited Plan or Strata Plan based system when issuing certificates.

It is the applicant's responsibility to provide accurate and current information regarding the legal description of the property to which the application relates.

Council does not check the accuracy or currency of the information and does not own the copyright for this information.

The legal description of land can be obtained from the Property NSW Valuation Portal by navigating to 'Title reference enquiry' and 'Property address'.

Certificates issued for each lot

Certificates are generated on the lot, not the street address. This is important when applying for Section 10.7, 121ZP and 735A certificates.

Where a street address comprises more than one lot, a separate certificate for each individual lot must be applied for. (For more information refer to the example of No. 2 Smith Street provided above)

This requirement for various certificates does not apply to Section 603 rating certificates where multiple lots will be combined to form the one rating assessment.