Contributions and VPA’s

Contributions plans

Contributions plans allow funds to be raised from approved development applications and complying development applications. The funds are used for the intended provision, extension or augmentation of public facilities, or towards recouping the cost of facilities that have been provided, extended or augmented. These contributions relate to sections 7.11 and 7.12 of the EP&A Act, formerly known as section 94 and section 94A.

Reductions in Section 7.12 levy

A levy under section 7.12 (formerly section 94A) can be reduced where a proposal includes or comprises photovoltaic systems and/or solar hot water (including gas boosted) systems.

The cost of these systems is not included in the estimated cost of development for the basis of calculating section 7.12 levies.

To enable this levy reduction, you must provide documentary evidence of the cost of the systems with your development application.

Section 7.12 development contributions register

In accordance with Council’s statutory obligations, the below section 7.12 registers summarise development consents that have resulted in contributions being paid to Council. Please note that the current register is updated at the end of every month.

Voluntary Planning Agreements Register

The below register summarises Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs) that have been entered into by Council. The register is updated on the execution of any new agreement. Copies of VPAs and explanatory notes are also provided under links below.