Litigation protocol policy

Litigation Protocol Policy and Community Fact Sheet for understanding Development Application Appeal Process

Council has adopted the Litigation Protocol Policy(PDF, 489KB) which outlines all aspects of Council’s involvement in legal proceedings, including planning and enforcement matters.

The Policy outlines:

  • The need for Council to confer powers on the General Manager to enable the effective and efficient carrying out of regulatory enforcement and legal proceedings.
  • How Council is to be represented as a party to court proceedings including appointing and instructing legal representatives and expert advisers.
  • How an appropriate protocol is to be established to ensure that Councillors are kept informed and are consulted on key legal matters.
  • In respect of appeals to the Land and Environment Court, to ensure an appropriate protocol is in place in order to consult with, and to notify, resident objectors in accordance with an approved Community Fact Sheet providing information on understanding the process of appeals to the Court.

To support the legal proceedings before the Land and Environment Court, a Community Fact Sheet(PDF, 243KB) has been developed and approved by Council on understanding the application appeal process before the Court.

The Litigation Protocol Policy and the Community Fact Sheet were both approved by Council at its meeting of 31 October 2022.

A copy of the Litigation Protocol Policy is available here(PDF, 489KB).

A copy of the Community Fact Sheet is available here.(PDF, 243KB)

For further information contact Council’s Customer Service on 9391 7000.