Fees and charges

2023-2024 Fees and Charges

Complete list of fees and charges(PDF, 4MB) (valid to 30 June 2024)

The Fees and Charges Schedule sets the maximum price payable for any particular activity or service provided by Council. Fees or Charges less than the maximum listed amount are either set by Council through a resolution or by the General Manager or Council Officers through delegated authority.

It is important to note that the Fees or Charges that appear in the following schedule can vary according to the type of activity or user. For example, differential pricing exists for the users of community halls and open space. The basis for differentiation lies in the categories outlined in the Pricing Policy.

Pricing Policy

Four Pricing Categories are used in the 2022/23 Fees and Charges to ensure that the range of fees and charges reflect the cost of providing services to the Woollahra Community.

As a matter of policy, Council increases fees and charges each year by at least the CPI where practical unless it would have an adverse impact on forecast revenue or users' capacity to pay. Variations to this are reported to Council and determined.

Pricing Policy categories

ST – Statutory
Statutory Pricing occurs if relevant acts and regulations enable Council to set a fee or charge, or the relevant acts and regulations prescribe a maximum fee for a particular activity. These charges are legislated by the New South Wales Government across a range of activities and services provided by local government.

SUB – Subsidised
Under subsidised pricing, the price for service is set below the financial cost of providing that service.

COST – Cost Recovery
The fee or charge set under cost recovery pricing recovers for Council the cost of providing a service to the community.

FCR – Full Cost Recovery
Council sets the price for a service or activity to recover the cost of providing a service with a built-in rate of return on any asset being used or a mark-up for the service.

Charges for credit card payments

A 0.55% charge will apply to all credit card transactions.