3D modelling portal

Welcome to our 3D modelling portal

With the help of a grant from the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program we are using the latest technology to deliver three dimensional (3D) representation of our local buildings, the environment, development application site, approved developments and proposed planning changes.

The aim of the 3D modelling portal is to offer viewers the opportunity to gather more information on local planning projects, applications and issues, which is practical and useful especially during the early design and community engagement stages and during assessment and determination.

By searching for a location, viewers can use the online navigation tools to zoom in or out on design details, measure area and distance, render different times of the day and visualise solar impact and shadowing, as well as view comparative height, bulk, scale and landscaping from different angles.

In addition to the public benefits of using technology to communicate built form, the portal will provide greater capabilities for data-driven decision making by our staff and Councillors.

We hope you find the 3D modelling portal useful and we welcome your feedback.

For tips on how to use the 3D modelling portal we recommend you read the 3D modelling portal guide.

Access the 3D modelling portal

For the best experience we recommend the use of a modern browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.