How are DAs determined

There are five levels at which we determine (approve or reject) development applications (including applications to amend consents, and applications for review of determination):

  1. Staff delegation by Development Assessment Team Leaders
  2. Staff delegation subject to review by the Application Review Panel (ARP)
  3. Application Assessment Panel (AAP)
  4. Woollahra Local Planning Panel (WLPP)
  5. Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel - Regionally significant development

The table below outlines development categories and the level at which development applications will be determined.

How do the delegations work?

The Council has given the General Manager delegations to determine development applications. The General Manager's delegations have been sub-delegated to staff including the AAP, the Director Planning and Place, the Manager Development Assessment and our Development Assessment Team Leaders.

Reports are prepared by the relevant Assessment Officer and placed for determination before the relevant staff delegate. The delegate reviews the assessment report and, if satisfied that all matters have been properly considered, and if satisfied with the recommendation and conditions of consent or reasons for refusal, determines the application.

Applications of a more complex nature are reported to the Woollahra Local Planning Panel or the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel for determination.

How will I be notified of the outcome of my Development Application?

You will receive a Notice of Determination in the mail and you can track your DA online. Each person who made a comment or objection will be notified of the Determination.

The Notice of Determination sets out the terms of the consent, appeal rights and conditions, or in the case of a refusal, the reasons for refusal.