Open Space & Recreation Strategies and Plans Of Management

Plans of Management

Woollahra’s parks and open spaces play an important role in the community’s wellbeing by providing places to stay active, connect with nature, and meet with family and friends.

Council oversees the management of all of Woollhara’s parks, sportsgrounds, areas of cultural significance and natural areas. Management includes providing, maintaining and managing the use of sportsgrounds, parks, war memorials, fitness equipment, playgrounds, lawns, garden beds, park furniture etc.

Plans of Management for Woollahra’s Crown Land reserves can be downloaded below:

Generic Plan of Management

The Generic Plan of Management(PDF, 10MB) encompasses the following 17 Crown Land reserves (public lands managed by Council on behalf of the land owner, the NSW Government):

  • Bellevue Park
  • Camp Cove Reserve
  • Christison Park
  • Double Bay Beach
  • Forsyth Park
  • Lighthouse Reserve
  • Lyne Park (including Tingira Memorial Park)
  • McKell Park
  • Robertson Park
  • Rose Bay Park
  • Ruschutters Bay Park
  • Samuel Park
  • Signal Hill Reserve
  • Sir David Martin Reserve (including Plantation Reserve)
  • Steyne Park (including The Steyne and Steyne Park Foreshore)
  • Tea Gardens
  • Yarranabbe Park

Download the Generic Plan of Management(PDF, 10MB).

Site-specific Plans of Management

Four site-specific Plans of Management are required to be standalone PoMs under legislation for reserves comprising areas of threatened species or areas of cultural significance. This is required for the following Crown Land Reserves:

Local Parks Plan of Management

The Local Parks Plan of Management includes all community land that has been categorised as Parks - Local and this category basically denotes small parks and playgrounds with a neighbourhood catchment.

These local parks include:

  • Derby Street Reserve
  • Beach Avenue Reserve
  • Wharf Road Reserve
  • Samuel Park
  • Pannerong Reserve
  • Sheldon Place Reserve
  • March Street Closure
  • Thornton Playground
  • Bradley Avenue Reserve
  • Epping Road Reserve
  • Harbour View Park
  • 307-309 Edgecliff Road Reserve
  • Elms Reserve
  • Chiswick Park
  • Euroka Reserve
  • Holdsworth Street Reserve
  • Halls Park
  • Davies Reserve
  • Plumb Reserve
  • Saber Street Park
  • Dunara Gardens
  • Foster Park - Hugh Latimer Centre and Sherbrooke Hall
  • Guilfoyle Avenue Reserve
  • Edgecliff Square
  • Loftus Road Reserve
  • Sutherland Avenue Reserve
  • Sudan Street Reserve
  • Sutherland Street Reserve
  • Cascade / Gurner Street Reserve
  • Cambridge Street Playground
  • Union Street Playground
  • Cooks Paddock
  • Spring Street Reserve
  • Comber Street Reserve
  • Comber /Boundary Street Reserve
  • Stephen Street Reserve
  • Gugara Park (previously Dillon Street Reserve)
  • Neild Avenue Maze
  • Herbert Street Reserve
  • E.J. Ward Centre

Download the Local Parks Plan of Management(PDF, 459KB) .

Plan of Management Natural Area (Foreshore)

This Plan of Management identifies issues and strategies relating to the management of public foreshore areas under Council's control. The plan covers eighteen foreshore parks and reserves, the majority of which are Crown Land.

Land covered by the plan encompasses:

  • Camp Cove Beach
  • Laings Point (Green Point)
  • Victoria Wharf Reserve
  • Watsons Bay Baths
  • Gap Park
  • Single Hill Reserve
  • Gibsons Beach Reserve
  • Kutti Beach
  • Parsley Bay Reserve
  • Lighthouse Reserve
  • Dumaresq Reserve
  • Percival Park
  • Tingira Reserve
  • Rose Bay Park
  • Lady Martins Beach
  • Duff Reserve
  • Blackburn Gardens
  • Darling Point Reserve

Download the Plan of Management Natural Area (Foreshores)(PDF, 1MB)

Other Plans of Management

Plan of Management for Council owned parks and reserve are below:

Chiswick Gardens Plan of Management 2010
Cooper Park Plan of Management 2001
Cooper Park Plan of Management Action Plan 2001
District Park Plan of Management 1996
Drainage Reserves Plan of Management 1997
Harbourview Park Plan of Management 2014
Redleaf and Blackburn Gardens Plan of Management and Master Plan 2017
Regional Parks Plan of Management 1996
Royal Hospital for Women Park Plan of Management 2005
Woollahra Park Plan of Management 2013

Master Plans and Action Plans

Master plans and action plans are listed below: 

Gap Park Masterplan 2008
Robertson Park Action Plan
Robertson Park Masterplan 2004

Recreation Strategy

Whether it's walking the dog, picnicking in the park, swimming in the ocean or playing team footy, being active and outdoors enriches lives. Sport, recreation and access to open space has numerous mental and physical health, social, economic and environmental benefits.

Woollahra Council takes a lead role in providing opportunities for recreation, which is why Council has created a Recreation Strategy(PDF, 17MB), which:

  • Provides an up-to-date understanding of the community's recreation needs and current issues
  • Identifies existing opportunities for improvement
  • Outlines priority actions for the future.

Take a look at our Recreation Strategy.(PDF, 17MB)

Play Space Strategy

Play is an important part of growing up and we think play spaces in Woollahra should be fit for everyone.

That's why we've developed the Play Space Strategy(PDF, 12MB) to make sure our playgrounds are safe, accessible and age-appropriate for both today's children, their families and carers, as well as for future generations.

The Play Space Strategy:

  • Provides an overview of current play space distribution in Woollahra and identifies where there are gaps
  • Shares the results of community consultation - what's important in a playground to you, and what areas of concern are currently not being met
  • Outlines an action plan for the next 10-15 years.

Take a look at our Play Space Strategy(PDF, 12MB)