Printing and photocopying

What's available?

Printers, photocopiers and scanners are available at all our libraries. You can upload your files to print via email, the web, or directly from a public access computer in the library.

PLEASE NOTE: Our 3D printer is currently unavailable for use while we wait for a replacement part. 3D printing workshops will continue as scheduled. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Print from your device

  1. Login to our online printing service, using your library card number and password (your date of birth in 'ddmmyy' format)
  2. Upload files:
    • from your device using the 'Select files' button OR
    • by pasting the URL in the 'print from your device' tab
  3. Select your print options using the 'Change' button (for colour/black and white, single/two-sided printing, number of copies etc.)
  4. Costs will be displayed for each print job
  5. Visit us at Double Bay, Paddington or Watsons Bay to release your job from the print queue
  6. Make sure you have funds available on your account using our online payments system
  7. Note: Your files will stay in our print queue for 48 hours. After this time they will be deleted.

Alternatively, visit any of our libraries with your files and print from one of our free public access computers. Don't forget to book a computer before you arrive.

3D printing

Woollahra Library at Double Bay now offers a Flashforge Creator 3 for library members.

Members are encouraged to attend the Maker Creator: 3D Printing Workshop (12+) that is held every month. Book via the library Events page or call 02 9391 7100.

How it works

Specifications and filament
Designs can be printed from .STL files with a maximum built volume of 300 x 249 x 200mm. All 3D printing will use PLA filament (available in white, red, blue and black colour), or PETG filament (available in black, white, silver, pink, yellow, grey, brown, gold, purple, traffic red, orange and natural colour)

Printing times
To get a 3D print underway book your session between Monday to Friday 10 am - 5 pm.
On arrival please see a staff member to confirm the print design, cost (setup fee and total filament usage) and estimated time.

A maximum of 7 hours of print time will be allowed per person. Printing must be finished before library closing time.


The cost of printing and filament usage will be paid upfront. Customers are responsible for the cost associated with errors in the file, incorrect files, and breakage of parts due to insufficient strength or mishandling. Refunds will be issued in case if the 3D Printer malfunctions as a credit to the customer’s library card only.

Fees are listed below. 

More information

Library Public Access Technology Policy(PDF, 641KB)

3D Printing user guide(PDF, 3MB)

Have a question? Ask the library online or call 9391 7100.

Photocopying and printing charges

  • Per A4 page, black and white - $0.30
  • Per A3 page, black and white - $0.60
  • Per A4 page, colour - $2.00
  • Per A3 page, colour - $3.00
  • Scanned items (per scan) - $0.20
  • 3D Printer - $10.50 per item + 0.33c per gram

You can now pay online for library services.