Building and development

Do you need approval?

Common minor works such as fences, air conditioners and swimming pools often do not require Council approval if they meet certain guidelines. See if your work is exempt or complying development.

Most significant developments require you to submit a development application (DA) to gain consent (approval). For all development that is not exempt or complying, the rules are contained in the documents below. Start with the Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 (Woollahra LEP 2014), then determine which chapters of Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015 (Woollahra DCP 2015) apply. In some cases, a state environmental planning policy (SEPP) will also apply.

If you are proposing to carry out development to a heritage item or to a building, work, relic, tree or place in a heritage conservation area, and the development is considered by Council to be of a minor nature or maintenance, development consent may not be necessary. See if your work is of a minor nature or maintenance.