Submitting 3D digital models

Special submission requirements apply to all development applications, amended plans or Section 4.55 applications that propose:

  • a new building or the amendment of a building's form within the E1 Local Centre or MU1 Mixed Use Zones, or
  • a new building or the amendment of a building's form where the building height is 12 metres or more.

Proposals for this type of development must be accompanied by a 3D digital model in accordance with DA Guide Attachment 9 - 3D Digital Model Requirements(PDF, 501KB).

What is the 3D digital model used for?

The 3D digital model will be inserted into the Woollahra Council 3D Digital Modelling Portal and will be used for detailed development assessment.

The assessment will include:

  • compliance with building envelope controls
  • shadowing impacts at any date and time
  • the relationship of the building's form to adjacent built form
  • the relationship of the building to the adjacent public realm
  • view impact assessment from both the private and public domain
  • the character of the spaces created by the cumulative effect of development.

If the development is granted an Occupation Certificate, the 'as built' 3D digital model will be permanently uploaded into the Woollahra Council 3D Digital Modelling Portal.