Digital Literary Awards - Frequently Asked Questions

What does published online or in digital format mean?

For the purposes of The Woollahra Digital Literary Award, published in an online or digital format means: readily available for access or download as:

  • an .epub, .pbd, .mobi/azw, .ibooks or .pdf file from a known e-book vendor or platform (such as iBookstore, Google Play, Amazon, Bookworld, Kobo, Baker & Taylor or Overdrive).
  • an article on a blog, online magazine or website with an editorial selection process.

What is an editorial selection process?

If you have submitted work to an online journal, website or a digital platform run by an individual or group who makes careful and considered decisions about what work is published, your entry will be eligible for judging. This is a prize for professional writers that recognises the high quality of writing published via a network of magazines, journals, digital publishers, group blogs and so on.

My work is self published, can I enter this award?

Unfortunately, for this award you cannot enter work that has been published on your own blog or website unless it has undergone and editorial selection process. Self-published works will be accepted if they have been published in the first instance in e-book form, and are readily available for digital download on a known platform (such as iBookstore, Google Play, Amazon, Bookworld, Kobo, Baker & Taylor or Overdrive).

Why do I need to provide a URL to where my work is published?

Entrants must provide a URL to the web location where digital work can be accessed as proof of publication. We need to be able to check where and when your work was made available to access or download. Only works that were published in a digital format in the first instance will be accepted for selection.

Does the website where my writing is published need to be Australian?

No, you must be a current Australian resident to enter The Woollahra Digital Literary Award, but your work may be published on a website or platform hosted in any country.

If this work is published online, why do I need to provide my work separately in a double-spaced, 12 point font, page numbered PDF format?

For ease of judging, and to allow entries to be judged in a fair and consistent fashion, all works will be read by judged in the same format (e.g. double spaced, consistent font size). By providing a copy of your work for judging you also allow access to you work without a need to purchase a copy of your e-book (for those entries published on an online e-book platform for purchase).

What is meant by “Digital Innovation” when submitting to this category?

This is a professional writing category where digital technology is used in a new and original way to enhance written storytelling. We are looking for works that integrate these innovative digital elements as part of a written story that ultimately enhance the reading experience .