FAQs for weddings and ceremonies park hire

Will there be other wedding ceremonies occurring at the same time as mine?

We only allow one booking per park at any given time. However there may be multiple weddings spanned evenly across a day.

Can I reserve car parking for my guests?

No. Parking is available only on a first-come, first-served basis. Please also be aware of any sign-posted parking regulations or time restrictions.

Can I ask people to move if they are in the location where I wish to hold my wedding?

The park is open to the public. A member of the wedding party may request people move, however they are not obliged to do so. This has not been an issue with weddings to date.

Can I hang or place decorations in the trees?

No, we do not permit decorations in public trees.

Can I start setting up before the hire time?

All activity must occur within the hire time.

How many chairs can I have?

Chairs are permitted for some of the older guests (and disabled, elderly or less-mobile guests) but they are not permitted for everyone. Maximum 20 chairs are permitted. Woollahra council does not provide furniture or decorations - the hirer is responsible for sourcing a supplier and organising delivery and collection.

Can we use rose petals, rice or confetti?

No, we do not permit petals, rice or confetti. However, topiary and other potted plants or urns are permitted provided they have a flat base.

Bubbles may be used instead of confetti.

Is a champagne toast permitted?

Yes, except in parks where alcohol consumption is prohibited, ie. Steyne Park and Guilfoyle Park. Alcohol must be consumed responsibly and must not be sold.

Can I play music or have a band?

Amplified music is not permitted. However you may have acoustic or string instruments. A small portable CD player may also be used for the bridal entrance.

Can the Celebrant use a microphone?

The use of a small battery operated microphone and portable mini speaker is permitted for the purposes of conducting the ceremony.

Can I stake or peg items into the ground, such as flags?

No, we do not permit items to be staked into the ground as it may damage underground irrigation systems.

Can I have a marquee or wedding arch or canopy for my ceremony?

No, we do not permit wedding arches, pergolas, canopies and arbours.

Marquees may be permitted in our larger parks (subject to approval) but they are not permitted in McKell Park, Chiswick Gardens or Blackburn Gardens.

Can I have my reception in the Park?

No, receptions are not permitted in Council managed parks and reserves; only ceremonies or bridal photography.

Can I invite as many people as I like?

Generally, yes. However there are restrictions at the following parks:

  • McKell Park: max 100 guests
  • Blackburn Gardens: max 120 guests
  • Chiswick Gardens: max 120 guests
  • Duff Reserve: max 120 guests

Are public bathroom facilities available? Will they be open?

Public toilets are available at most of our parks and are open every day during daylight hours.

What happens if it rains or in other bad weather? Do I get a refund?

If, sadly, you are unable to use the park as a result of rain or inclement weather, we offer a partial refund. We withhold a cancellation fee from the park hire fee and refund the balance (refer to the application form for the cancellation fee). A request for a refund must be made in writing and forwarded to Council within 10 days of the event. Please note that no refund will be granted if more than 10 working days have lapsed since the date of the event.

Are there any marinas or wharfs available if I wish to use a boat?

There is a public wharf at Yarranabbe Park.

You may also use Double Bay ferry wharf, Darling Point ferry wharf, Rose Bay ferry wharf and Watsons Bay ferry wharf, however these wharves are under the management of NSW Roads and Maritime Services. You are advised to check Sydney Ferries timetables.

Is there an event bond required at McKell Park for wedding ceremonies?

Yes. A $250 bond is applicable. To ensure the preservation of the site and adherence to the conditions of use, a refundable bond is applicable. The area may also be monitored during the event. Failure to abide by or breach of the conditions of hire may result in Council retaining part of or the entire bond. Bond refunds are issued by cheque following the event.