Library of Things

Seed Library


Our seed collection at Watsons Bay Library stocks a variety of seeds which you can borrow, allowing you to plant and grow at home. As a library member, you can take seeds home for free to grow your own food, practice sustainable gardening, and be part of this seed swapping program within our community.

We have a wealth of gardening books in our collection to support you along the way. Additionally, explore our Woollahra Council Community Gardens and join our sustainability events and programs to enhance your gardening knowledge and skills.

Can I donate seeds?

Our goal is to grow our seed collection with diverse varieties contributed by the community. You can help by donating seeds and filling empty seed packets available at the library.

When do I bring them back?

While there is no pressure to return the seeds you've borrowed, we encourage you to harvest your own seeds and contribute to the sharing and swapping system. This way there are always seeds available.

Borrow or contribute seeds by visiting Watsons Bay Library during opening hours. 

Did you pick up a free Seed Pet Pots craft this month? Decorate your very own Seed Pet Pot, take care of it and watch your pet grow!


Thermal Imaging Camera 


Thermal Imaging Cameras are available to borrow for 7 days. The camera may be renewed and reserved under an adult library card.

The camera can be used to identify energy efficiency in the home by finding gaps in insulation, comparing the performance of different walls and rooms in the home, finding air leaks and identifying water leaks or damp issues.

Check availability and make a reservation.

Kids' STEM Kits 


Stem Kits are available to borrow at all of our library locations. A limit of 1 Stem Kit per adult library card can be issued or 3 weeks. Kits can be renewed of reserved under an adult library card.

The STEM kits offer a wide range of activities for children to learn science and technology in a fun and engaging way – from programming small robots, coding computer games and conducting simple science experiments.

Check availability and make a reservation.

Reader Pens 


Reader Pens are available to borrow for 3 weeks, with renewals and reservations available. The reader pen is a portable scanning pen that reads printed text out loud using an embedded camera.

The voiceover is available in English, Spanish or French. The device also offers multiple built-in dictionaries to search definitions and can be used as a supportive tool for those with reading difficulties. 

Check availability and make a reservation.