Road closures, street parties and special events

Road Closures (Temporary) for Construction Works

Construction work requiring a temporary road closure (full or partial) must be approved by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in consultation with Council. The applicant must also obtain Police approval and must notify Emergency Services (Ambulance, Fire Brigade) and affected residents of the nature and dates of a closure. The nature of the road closure may also require advertising a minimum of seven days prior. Please contact Council's Traffic Engineer via Customer Service on 9391 7000.

The type of construction works to be carried out may require one of the following applications:

  1. Application to carry out works in a public road
  2. Road opening permit application
  3. Permit to stand plant

Please refer to Roads and Footpaths for further information.

Street Parties and Special Events

Street Parties and Special Events requiring road closures (full or partial) require the approval of the Woollahra Traffic Committee and Council, and may require a Traffic Management Plan to be submitted to the RMS. It is recommended that you contact Council's Traffic Department to discuss details of the event prior to proceeding with a formal, written request. Requests for road closures of this nature must be submitted to Council's Traffic & Transport section a minimum of three months in advance.

Approval conditions for Road Closures require Public Liability Insurance and will be subject to a number of conditions to comply with the RMS Guidelines for Road Closures. Please refer to part one(PDF, 2MB), part two(PDF, 2MB) and part three(PDF, 426KB) of the RMS Road Closure Guidelines for more information. These conditions are designed to ensure the safety of the public and to maintain necessary emergency vehicle access at all times.

The following details will be required as part of your request:

  1. Location and type of event
  2. Proposed date and times of event
  3. Contact details (Name, Phone number, Email address)
  4. Sketch plan of proposed road closure

A full information pack will be provided by Council's Traffic Section. Please contact the Traffic Section on 9391 7000.