Library artwork commissions

Artwork commissions enhance Woollahra Library at Double Bay and Paddington Library

Woollahra Library at Double Bay artwork mural in children’s section

Artist: Mulga

Biog: Mulga is Joel Moore, a Sydney based artist, freelance illustrator and poet who paints murals, designs t-shirts and runs the Mulga brand. He left his finance job in March 2014 to focus exclusively on the making of the art. Known for his unique style of intricate line work & bright colours, Mulga’s art brings to life a world where tropical bearded men run rampant, lions smoke tobacco pipes, tigers wear diamond sunglasses and gorillas rule the world like some kind of funky planet of the apes.

Library mural Woollahra Library - Mulga

Woollahra Library at Double Bay Return’s Box artwork

Artist: Adam Long
Biog: Adam works as a freelance commercial artist, mural painter, storyboard artist, illustrator, writer and cartoonist. He has illustrated books, drawn for lots of magazines and designed several designs for various traffic signal box projects around Sydney.

Returns Box - Adam Long

Paddington Library artwork mural in children’s section

Artist: Nadia Hernandez

Biog: Nadia Hernandez is a multidisciplinary designer and artist based in Sydney.
Her practice focuses on branding and art direction within the creative sector as well as creating her own personal work and exhibiting across Australia.

Library Mural Paddington Library - Nadia Hernandez

Artist statement: The library is a place where the imagination unleashes. Where creative possibilities are endless due to the infinite knowledge preserved within the library space. Storytelling, is a design featuring vibrant, playful and memorable cut-outs, in a multi-colour palette, that take you on a whimsical journey. As a child I remember getting lost in my own sense of discovery, looking at forms, nature and the world through fresh eyes using my imagination to create any narrative, this memory inspired my design, as I aim to revisit this sense of excitement. Storytelling harmoniously fits into the Paddington Library, inspired by the furniture and colour palette found within the space, it reflects and ignites the beautiful and relentless creativity found within all children, no doubt inspiring adults in the process!


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