Cycling and bike share

Woollahra Council supports cycling as a sustainable form of transport and a healthy alternative to travelling by private motor vehicle.

Active Transport Plan

A new 10-year walking and cycling plan for Woollahra.

Active transport – our collective term for walking and cycling – is a central feature of healthy, happy and connected communities everywhere. Our new Active Transport Plan(PDF, 55MB) affirms Woollahra Council’s commitment to making active transport a safe, easy and enjoyable option for as many people as possible, while also helping us meet our emission reduction targets.

This plan was written using the input of our residents, community groups and partner organisations. We invited community feedback on our draft plan in 2022. The plan was adopted by Council on 16 November 2023.

Click here to read the full Active Transport Plan(PDF, 55MB).

The goal of this 10-year plan is to create a high quality connected walking and cycling network that enables more people to get to and from the places we live, work, shop and play. The plan includes concept designs for 10 high priority cycling and pedestrian projects that will help take us there. Of course, creating great walking and cycling infrastructure takes careful planning, ongoing conversations and investment over time. There will be further community engagement before we go ahead with any major project.

Council has also prepared more detailed transport maps in conjunction with Waverley Council called Cycling in Waverley and Woollahra(PDF, 2MB).

Dockless bike share

Dockless bike share is a new business model that allows you to access a bike any time of the day through a smartphone app. Bikes can be picked up and dropped off from almost anywhere as they don’t have to be located in a formal docking station and can be used for one-way or return trips.

Dockless bike share services are not owned or implemented by Woollahra Municipal Council.

If you are interested in using these services or would like to report a share bike which is causing a hazard or obstruction, you can contact the dockless bike share companies directly.

Current operators are:

Lime Bike (green & yellow colours) – e-Bikes:



Phone: 1800 861 305




Phone: 02 9052 0854




Phone: 02 9009 5022

Hello Bike



Phone: 02 8006 8161




Phone: 03 4422 4587

Dockless Bike Share Guidelines

Woollahra Council, in partnership with City of Sydney, Inner West, Canada Bay, Randwick, Waverley councils, has developed a standard set of guidelines for bike share operators. These guidelines(PDF, 32KB) set out minimum standards and expectations for dockless bike share operations in Sydney and will be in operation from 22 December 2017.

These guidelines apply across the six municipalities of: Canada Bay, City of Sydney, Inner West, Randwick, Waverley, and Woollahra.