Driveway linemarking

The parking of vehicles wholly or partly across a driveway is illegal under the NSW Road Rules (2008). Generally, Council does not support the provision of signposting to reinforce a statutory restriction. However, in instances where there has been repeated illegal parking across a driveway and enforcement has been found to be ineffective, we will consider installing linemarking perpendicular to either side of the driveway, to provide a visual reminder to other motorists that a driveway exists and parking is not permitted.

This linemarking, if approved, and its maintenance, is at the applicant's expense in accordance with Council's current Fees and Charges.

Requests for driveway linemarking can be made to Council's Traffic & Transport section via email to or by letter to the General Manager, PO Box 61, Double Bay NSW 1360.

Please note: it is illegal to paint any form of linemarking or lettering on a public road and Council will require removal by the property owner of any instance of illegal linemarking.