Woollahra Creative Hoardings Program

We’re transforming the facades of construction sites into vibrant, artistic spaces with our Creative Hoardings Program.

We’re committed to working with local artists and diverse industries to find opportunities for creative expression and activation across our municipality – including an ever-growing list of exciting construction projects.  

The Woollahra Creative Hoardings Program team works collaboratively with local artists and developers to transform construction sites into vibrant creative spaces, adding colour and storytelling to Woollahra’s streets.

We have 3 commissioned designs available (please see below) and are in the process of adding further designs, including historical images to be made available by April 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a creative hoarding?

In broad terms a hoarding is a temporary fencing system placed wholly or partially in a public place to enclose a building site during construction to keep the site secure and the public safe from activities occurring within the site. Hoardings can also serve as a canvas to display creative artwork and transform a construction site from something unattractive to something that sparks curiosity and interest; this is a creative hoarding.


Is a creative hoarding required as part of the hoarding application?

Under Council’s Creative Hoardings Policy a hoarding on public land may require an approved artwork or historic image to be printed on the hoarding.

Applicants must complete the self-assessment checklist to determine if a creative hoarding is required. This is to be done before submitting the Application to erect Hoarding/Scaffolding on Council’s Footpath.

To assist you in completing the checklist, please see the Woollahra Creative Hoardings Guidelines and the Creative Hoardings Artwork Template Guide.


What is the process of printing and installing the artwork?

You will need to organise the printing and installing of the artwork on the hoarding at no cost to Council. There are a number of large format printing firms in the Sydney region that can print and install graphics on hoardings. Some commercial suppliers of hoardings can also arrange to print and install the graphics as a packaged service. 


What is the timeframe to erect a creative hoarding?

The creative hoarding must be erected within three weeks of being approved. Other requirements for the creative hoarding will also be set out in the conditions of the hoarding permit issued by Council. 


What are the consequences for non-compliance?

Every effort will be made by Woollahra Creative Hoardings Program team to support you though the process, however If a creative hoarding is required but not erected, penalties consistent with the Local Government Act 1993 and Roads Act 1993 will be considered in accordance with the provisions of the Enforcement Policy. 


Council licenced artwork designs

All the Peoples - Ananyaa Mital

All the Peoples - Ananyaa Mital(JPG, 47KB)

View larger image(JPG, 47KB)

This artwork is a tribute to all the colourful people out there, each one unique by themselves but also part of a single whole. Our local area of Sydney has a lively character and this artwork aims to capture that vibe. It also aims to create an emotional connection with viewers as they are viewing a highly stylised version of themselves! This hoarding artwork aims to look like a long queue of people, each one engrossed in mini conversations while they excitedly wait for local happenings.

Murray Rose Pool Sequence - Antonia Pesenti

Murray Rose Pool Sequence - Antonia Pesenti(JPG, 42KB)

View larger image(JPG, 42KB)

As a long-time resident of the Woollahra Council area, Antonia Pesenti was compelled to base her designs on the iconic Murray Rose Pool. The sequence explores different elements of this beloved harbour pool, celebrating its distinctive form (in plan and elevation), the beauty of its jetty architecture, the triangular deck extension, the twin floating pontoons, the signage and orange life buoys.

Mulga Vista - Sinéad Hanley

Mulga Vist - Sinéad Hanley(JPG, 65KB)

View larger image(JPG, 65KB)

Sinéad Hanley is a Melbourne based illustrator and artist known for her bright, striking, and textural art. Her work is often inspired by playful themes and abstract shapes. She has a particular love for characters, bold colours, and abstract shapes. With an aim to create bold whimsical illustrations with a touch a curiosity.

Essential Documents


For more information, please contact:

Compliance matters:
Telephone: 9391 7097
Email: records@woollahra.nsw.gov.au

Art/design matters:

Telephone: 9391 7124
Email: cultural@woollahra.nsw.gov.au