Advertising and notification period

Advertising and notification

Almost all applications are advertised and require neighbour notification. These are referred to a Council Officer, who prepares the neighbour notification letters and advertisement notices. Notification letters are sent to all properties that may be affected by the proposed development. In some cases, this may be just the adjoining neighbours and in other cases many properties are notified.

More information can be found in the Woollahra Community Participation Plan(PDF, 3MB).

Objections and comments

Many Development Applications attract objections. Some of these objections are withdrawn because the applicant, typically through design changes, addresses neighbour concerns. In other cases, conditions are imposed on the development to address neighbour concerns.

More about Objections and comments.

Site notices

Site notices, "Notice - Proposed Development", are signs provided by Council that must be erected by Applicants at the site of the proposed development.

If your application requires a site notice you must:

  • collect the site notice from council (a Council officer will provide you with the site notice);
  • securely erect the site notice in a conspicuous position at the site such that it is capable of being read from the adjoining public place (generally screw fixed or wire tied to a board near the front boundary);
  • ensure the site notice is maintained for the duration of the advertising and notification period;
  • replace the site notice with a new site notice if it is lost or removed (a new site notice will be provided for a small fee); and
  • provide a statutory declaration in strict accordance with Schedule 1, Section 6 of the Woollahra Community Participation Plan(PDF, 3MB) before we are able to proceed to grant any consent.

Why do we require site notices in addition to advertising and notification?

The Council holds a firm view that every reasonable effort should be made to increase public awareness and to provide opportunity for public involvement in the development application process.

Site notices supplement the public consultation process by allowing anyone passing the site to become aware of a development proposal, and the date, times and place where the application may be inspected.

Site notices do not replace or set aside the requirement to notify neighbours and advertise certain types of development applications.

More information can be found in the Woollahra Community Participation Plan(PDF, 3MB).