Homelessness in the Woollahra Municipality

Council acknowledges the rights of all members of the community, including those who are homeless, to use Council services, programs and public spaces. Local governments and community organisations play an important part in preventing, reducing, and managing homelessness through monitoring homelessness and referral to local services.

Compared to other LGAs, Woollahra has a comparatively low number of homeless people.

The objectives of Woollahra Council’s Homeless People Policy(PDF, 933KB) are to:

  • Treat homeless people with dignity and respect;
  • Ensure the safety of our community;
  • Protect the rights of all members of the community; and
  • Provide information about homelessness support services.

What can you do to support someone who is homeless in our community?

Please note, Emergency Services (000) should be contacted if a homeless person is presenting as a danger to themselves or anyone else.

For all other concerns, there are a range of support services available for homeless people in the Eastern Suburbs area.

What else does Woollahra Council do to support homeless people?


  • Connects homeless individuals to outreach support services;
  • Provides training and information to relevant Council staff so as to ensure a consistent approach regarding homelessness in our Municipality;
  • Participates in an Annual Street Count;
  • Is an active member in Eastern Suburbs Homelessness Assertive-outreach Collaboration (ESHAC); and
  • Partners with a local social housing service for women and children escaping domestic violence.