Repairs and maintenance

Council maintains all roads within the Municipality except for New South Head Road, Oxford Street, Syd Einfeld Drive and Old South Head Road (south of its intersection with New South Head Road) which are classified as State Roads.

There are over 150 kilometres of roads and lanes, and 300 kilometres of footpaths. We have an ongoing maintenance program which involves regular inspections, prioritising and scheduling repair works as required.

Sustainable asphalt

Council is trialling the new product Reconophalt to reduce the volume of waste that ends up in landfill. Reconophalt provides a stronger, longer-lasting and more sustainable road surface compared to traditional asphalt.

Find out more about our trial of Reconophalt

Requesting repairs

We encourage our residents to report all damaged roads, kerbs, gutters and footpaths so these areas can be inspected and repaired or included in a future works program.

Information Required:

  • Location;
  • Type of road or footpath eg concrete, asphalt, pavers;
  • Type of damage eg, cracked, sunken, hole trip;
  • Approximate size and depth of pothole in a road:
  • Extent of damaged area of road pavement, kerb, gutter or footpath;
  • Advise if you consider the section of road, kerb and gutter or footpath is dangerous

Customer Service will log this request in Council's Customer Request Management System. We will carry out an inspection within 48 to 72 hours, carry out temporary repairs if necessary and determine whether repair, patching or inclusion in a future works program is the most appropriate action.

Report damaged roads, kerbs, gutters or footpaths to Customer Service on 9391 7000 or via email to

Road resurfacing

Council has adopted an Asset Management Strategy, which includes a detailed condition indicator analysis of all Council Infrastructure Assets including road surface / pavement, kerb, gutter and footpaths. A five year infrastructure renewal program has been established to prioritise works on the basis of the condition indicator analysis.

Enquiries and requests in relation to road resurfacing can be made in writing to Council's Asset Management section for consideration and review.

Written requests can be made via email to or by letter to the General Manager, PO BOx 61, Double Bay NSW 1360.