Population and economic profile

Woollahra Community Profile

The Woollahra Community Profile provides demographic analysis for our municipality based on results from the Censuses of Population and Housing (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

This profile can be used to find out the population characteristics of our community, understand how they have changed over time and how they compare to other areas.

Woollahra Social Atlas

The Woollahra Social Altas presents key demographic data for our area as interactive maps. Based on data from the 2011 and 2006 Censuses of Population and Housing (ABS), the maps can be used to identify spatial patterns and trends in the municipality.

Woollahra Economic Profile

Using information from the ABS and economic modellers National Economics (NIEIR), the Woollahra Economic Profile describes our municipality's role within the broader economy.

Eastern Suburbs Economic Profile

The Eastern Suburbs Economic Profile presents economic information that describes the Woollahra LGA's role within the regional economy, allows users to explore economic development options and identify the regions strengths. The site includes information on the economies of Woollahra, Waverley and Randwick LGAs.

Eastern Suburbs Economic Profile 2013

A detailed study prepared for the eastern suburbs provides further insight into the economic activity, trends and future opportunities within the area. The Woollahra precincts featured in this profile are Oxford Street, Double Bay Centre, Rose Bay Centre, Edgecliff Commercial Centre and Queen Street, Woollahra.

This joint study was commissioned in conjunction with Randwick and Waverley Councils.