Illegal dumping

Illegal rubbish dumping is a serious and unsightly problem which negatively affects our community and pollutes our environment. Council needs your help to prevent illegal dumping and keep our streets and neighbourhoods clean.

What is illegal dumping?

"Illegal dumping is the disposal of any type of waste in an area where it is not permitted". For example, on the nature strip, rear lane, parks, bushland, commercial areas and other public places.

In Woollahra, the source of most dumps can be traced back to householders and is especially common around unit blocks and areas that attract transient residents. Frequently dumped items include unwanted household materials like furniture, whitegoods, mattresses, garden organics, building and renovation materials or garbage bags full of rubbish.

Dumped rubbish harms the environment, is unsightly, unhealthy, attracts vermin, can be a physical and fire hazard, serve as a magnet for additional dumping and costs Council ratepayers money to remove.

Why do people dump?

Illegal dumpers intentionally dispose of waste, often to avoid disposal fees or the time and effort it takes for proper disposal. This is a common practice amongst:

  • Transient residents who might not know about local disposal services and require a quick and easy solution
  • Residents that have little storage space and other options may be inconvenient or cost money
  • Commercial operators who choose to dump waste in street bins or by the roadside rather than pay to dispose of waste appropriately
  • Builders and contractors who leave discarded construction and hazardous waste behind after a job
  • Those who lack general community pride

What can you do to STOP illegal dumping?

Fighting illegal dumping is a constant battle that requires your help and support. There are many alternatives for responsibly disposing of rubbish. You can:

  • Donate pre-loved items such as furniture, books, clothing and toys to a charity or second-hand shop instead of throwing them out. Many charities will collect large items from your home.
  • Use Council's free scheduled household clean-up collection to get rid of unwanted household items; check your clean-up magnet for dates.
  • Use Council's paid pick up service at any other time you need to dispose of unwanted household items. Phone Council on 9391 7000 to make a booking.
  • Organise a Council special event bin/s in advance for special occasions such as parties, Christmas and other events where you expect to create additional waste. Phone Council on 9391 7000 to make a booking.
  • Take waste and hazardous materials to a Waste Management Facility (nearest location Rockdale or Artarmon). Phone 1300 787 870 or go to SUEZ for more information.

Dumpers will be prosecuted

Council's Waste Compliance Officer investigates all illegal rubbish dumps. These are marked with a bright yellow tape to indicate the dump is under investigation. If the dump has not been removed by the offender following investigation, Council will remove it within a few days. A clean-up notice starting at $535 will be issued to anyone caught dumping under the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 2009.

Don't be afraid to Dob in a Dumper. Your details will remain anonymous and information you provide could lead to catching an offender. Report illegal dumps by phoning Council on 9391 7000

Tip: Make sure you note the date and time of the dumping, vehicle plate number (if any), location/address and the type of rubbish that was dumped.