Councillor Luise Elsing and Mayor Susan Wynne with #RacismNotWelcome signs
Councillor Luise Elsing and Mayor Susan Wynne with #RacismNotWelcome signs

Woollahra Council has endorsed the Racism Not Welcome campaign, developed by the Inner West Multicultural Network. It seeks to acknowledge the existence of racism, validate people’s lived experiences of racism and normalise conversations about racism whilst promoting change.

We have installed twelve Racism Not Welcome street signs across our Municipality, one in each suburb and two additional signs in key locations.

The purpose of the signs is to start conversations about racism, and demonstrate that there is no place for racism in Woollahra or across Australia.

The street sign campaign complements additional work we are undertaking to tackle racism. We are also:

We hosted a thought-providing Ideas Exchange online event on 23 September: Racism – Bridging Difference in a Pandemic World. You can watch this event below.

Racism in our community

Racism is an ongoing problem in Australia. Research published by the Asian-Australian Alliance with the Per Capita Thinktank has shown an increase in racism against people of Asian descent in Australia since Covid-19. We know Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders experience disproportionate discrimination, and that incidents of racism are underreported.

If you experience racism in Woollahra, you may wish to report it, and if you feel safe to do so - share your story.


If you would like to learn more about racism, support those experiencing racism and become an anti-racist ally, find some resources below.


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