Sale of Council land

Council refers to its Policy for sale of Council land(PDF, 467KB) when considering the sale of land assets. Council explores possible options for the use of the land, applies processes that are demonstrably equitable, consistent and transparent, complies with appropriate legislative requirements and obtains best value results for the Woollahra community.

All sales of land assets will:

  • be consistent with Council's economic, social and environmental objectives,
  • be undertaken in compliance with legislative and other obligations,
  • occur only after consultation with all affected stakeholders and relevant sections of the community taking into account all relevant comments and representations,
  • be undertaken with the intention of securing maximum financial and other benefits for the community,
  • be through a fair and open process and include regular market testing
  • be in accordance with ICAC guidelines
  • be open to public scrutiny while maintaining appropriate levels of commercial confidentiality, and
  • be conducted in accordance with the Council's adopted procedures.

Relevant legislation