Road opening permits

When is a road opening permit required?

When a plumber, builder or a member of the public needs to dig or under-bore in the road reservation. Common reasons for requiring a Road Opening permit are :

  • service connections (water, electricity, telephone, gas, sewer, etc.)
  • storm water connections
  • water main construction
  • sewer main construction
  • conduit and/or pit installations for public utilities

To ensure no existing underground services are damaged, you must ring 1100 "Dial Before You Dig" and accurately locate and protect any existing services before commencing work.

When does the application become a permit?

The application becomes a permit when:

  • a receipt for the payment of fees for the permit is attached
  • the permit has been signed by the authorised Council Officer and
  • a permit number has been provided by Council

Conditions of road opening and restoration fees

The applicant must comply with the conditions of road opening, the specification and pay the restoration fees, as shown attached to the Road Opening Permit.

If you are unsure about anything, please ask; time spent early may avoid delays later. Please telephone Customer Service on 9391 7000.

Please ensure you supply all required supporting documentation with the completed application.