International Women's Day


International Women’s Day 2024

International Women’s Day (Friday 8 March) is a worldwide celebration of the achievements of women. It is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women, who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. The theme of International Women's Day 2024 is 'Inspire Inclusion'. The aim of the IWD 2024 #InspireInclusion campaign is to collectively forge a more inclusive world for women.

Woollahra Council celebrated International Women’s Day with an event on 7 March 2024.  Hosted by the Woollahra Council, this event brought together a diverse and intergenerational panel of accomplished female leaders to discuss this year’s theme Inspire Inclusion, as well as a presentation about the Art of Seeing Photo Showcase.

At the event, the Mayor of Woollahra, Richard Shields, unveiled the portrait of Dutchie Backhouse, Woollahra’s first female Mayor. Dutchie dedicated her life to community service and her determination and commitment ensured a greater awareness of the needs of the community, in particular the elderly and children. She paved the way for 9 future female Mayors of Woollahra.

Watch the video of the Woollahra Council International Women's Day event below

Introducing our panelists

Cindy Nicholson - Moderator
GAICD ACC Nicholson from Braintree Pty Limited

Nicola Street  - Panelist
Workplace law expert promoting organisational diversity and inclusion

Nicola Street is a workplace law expert specialising in the fields of diversity and inclusion, organisational change and workplace relations. A long -term advocate for workplace inclusion in business, Nicola was previously the Director of Workplace Relations Policy, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at peak business organisation, the Australian Industry Group, where she led public policy responses to workplace law reform promoting diversity and inclusion, particularly around the areas of Respect@Work, more equitable parental leave and pay equity.

Stephanie Zuniga-Maher - Panelist
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Partner at Canva

Stephanie Zuniga-Maher is an accomplished professional who is deeply passionate about fostering diversity and creating inclusive spaces. With a background in Gender Studies from Duke University, Stephanie has dedicated her career to understanding and championing diversity in the tech sector.

Anvitha Vijay - Panelist
Student & Founder Lead @ The Table

Anvitha Vijay is a Forbes 30 Under 30 (listed at age 10), Founder of Lead @ The Table, a Stanford Women in Data Science Ambassador, Author-in-Making and North Sydney Girls High School Student. She is passionate about making a positive difference to the community through innovation and empowering young people to be brave, impactful leaders in areas they are passionate about. Anvitha has been featured in several international and Australian media: CNBC, TIME Magazine, Fortune, Forbes, The Australian, Sunrise, Sydney Morning Herald, USA Today, The Age, Daily Telegraph, and many more.

During the panel discussion, these accomplished women will share their personal journeys, experiences, and insights into their journey of inclusion. The event will provide a platform for attendees to engage in thought-provoking discussions / Q&A and to hear from a diverse range of perspectives how the next generation of women will create equality and inclusion.

The International Women's Day 2024 panel discussion provided a space for attendees to connect, learn, and be inspired by the experiences of accomplished women from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

The "Inspiring Inclusion" panel (from left to right): Cindy Nicholson, Nicola Street, Stephanie Zuniga-Maher, Anvitha Vijay

The Art of Seeing - Photo showcase

Alina Gozin’a - expressing the power of women, a journey through history  - Presenter

A renowned photographer & artist, who left a corporate career in banking & finance at PwC, to become a leading global creative. She’s lived and worked in Odessa, Sydney, Berlin, New York and is known for some of the most iconic AFR Magazine covers of notable figures like Scott Farquhar, Frank Lowy, Andrew Forrest, Anthony Pratt, Kevin Rudd, Judith Neilson, Canva co-founders Melanie Perkins & Cliff Obrecht, Christie Lagarde, Kevin Rudd and Sam Mostyn.


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