Strategic plans

Community Strategic Plan - Woollahra 2032

Woollahra 2032(PDF, 14MB) is our Community Strategic Plan that has been developed by Council in consultation with the Woollahra community. It presents a long term vision for Woollahra and forms part of Council's Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

Community Capacity Survey

The Community Capacity Survey(PDF, 1MB) assists Council in determining future services, facilities and social and cultural opportunities as prioritised by the Woollahra community. The survey is a repeat of ones undertaken in 2007 and 2012, and indicates changes in levels of community connection and capacity.

Woollahra Social and Cultural Plan

The Woollahra Social and Cultural Plan 2018-2030(PDF, 5MB) equips Council with information on our community and identifies local community and cultural abilities and assets. The Plan describes a future for the Woollahra Local Government Area and represents Council's commitment to supporting the Woollahra community to achieve their social and cultural aspirations.

The Library and Information Services Strategy

The Library and Information Services Strategy provides direction to ensure the Woollahra Library & Information Service meets the ongoing needs, and expectations of its community. This strategy was based on extensive consultation with the community, staff and key stakeholders through a survey, focus groups, selected interviews, demographic trends and relevant industry trends.

For more information about the Community and Social Planning, please contact:

Community Services
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