Past winners of the Youth Photographic Award & Short Film Prize

2021-present Winners

Please visit Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf to view the Youth Photographic Prize winners.

2020 Winners


My Brother Henry by Charlie Bickerstaff

First Prize - 'My Brother Henry' by Charlie Bickerstaff Yr 9, Cranbrook School

Locked In by Romy Ziegler

Highly Commended - 'Locked In' by Romy Ziegler Yr 9, Moriah College

The Things that We Hide by Sabrina Stitt

Highly Commended - 'The Things that We Hide' by Sabrina Stitt Yr 9, Ascham


Channel from the Water Series by Jessica Mulligan

First Prize - 'Channel from the Water Series' by Jessica Mulligan Yr 10, Ascham

Lost by Arthur Taylor

Highly Commended - 'Lost' by Arthur Taylor Yr 10, the Scots College

Self Portrait by Hugo Walsh

Highly Commended - 'Self Portrait' by Hugo Walsh Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Mayor's Choice Award

Check Mate by DArcy Richardson

Highly Commended - 'Check Mate' by D'Arcy Richardson Yr 7, Cranbrook School

George At The Diner In June by Charlie Crowe

First Prize - 'George At The Diner' In June by Charlie Crowe Yr 11, Cranbrook School

Strange Days Prize

Red Days by James Lane

First Prize - 'Red Days' by James Lane Yr 10, Cranbrook School

Floating In The Abyss by Sebastian Dunn Lewis

Highly Commended - 'Floating In The Abyss' by Sebastian Dunn Lewis Yr 11, Cranbrook School

Winter Shadows by Jimmy Kerr

Highly Commended - 'Winter Shadows' by Jimmy Kerr Yr 11, Cranbrook School

People's Choice

Happy Hour by George Cheney

Winner - 'Happy Hour' by George Cheney Yr 11, Cranbrook School - Winner

Short Film

Winner - 'Beauty In The Destruction' by Safiya Jadwat Yr 12, St Vincents College

Highly Commended - '500 Days of Isolation' by Isaia Park Yr 9, Sydney Boys High School

2019 Winners


First Prize - Oh_Solo Meow - Bronte Freed, Waves Secondary

First Prize - 'Oh Solo Meow' by Bronte Freed


First Prize - Blue Soaking - Ned Wieland Waverley College

First Prize - 'Blue Soaking' by Ned Wieland

Mayor's Choice Award

Mayors Choice - Green Earth - Elizabeth Searle, St Clares College

Winner - 'Green Earth' by Elizabeth Searle

Local Flavour

First Prize - Golden Hour - Nicole Lai, Kincoppal Rose Bay

Winner - 'Golden Hour' by Nicole Lai

People's Choice

Sebastian Dunn-Lewis - Turtle

Winner - 'Turtle' by Sebastian Dunn-Lewis

Short Film

Winner - 'Untitled' by Jasmine Elder

2018 Winners


Winner - Eric Wu Night , Sydney Boys High School

Winner - 'Night' by Eric Wu


Ahd Mor

Winner - 'Ahd Mor' by Mia Carlton

Mayor's Choice Award

Cloud Moon

Winner - 'Cloud Moon' by Tobias Thomas

Our History

1000 words - Jasper Wilde

Winner - '1000 words' by Jasper Wilde

People's Choice

Winner - 'Untitled' by Lola Sonand (image unavailable)

Short Film

Winner - 'When it Rains' by Lachlan Thompson

2017 Winners


Peace of Mind

First Prize - 'Peace of Mind' by Ellen Regan



First Prize - 'Icarus' by Dylan Quirk

Mayor’s Choice Award

Claire Kelly Untitled 1 - Kincoppal Yr 11

Winner - 'Untitled 1' by Claire Kelly

Local Narrative

The Fading Past

First Prize - 'The Fading Past' by Bradley Marzol

People’s Choice

The Beautiful Game Can Take You to Many Exotic Places

Winner - 'The Beautiful Game Can Take You to Many Exotic Places' by Jacob Sohn

Short Film

Winner - 'Postcards to the Universe' by Tom Gibbs, Cranbrook School

2016 Winners


Isabella Pongrass-Blue, Ascham School

First Prize - 'Blue' by Isabella Pongrass


Alyssa Meli-Please be Naked, Kincoppal Rose Bay

First Prize - 'Please Be Naked' by Alyssa Meli

Local Narrative Prize

Liam Slabber Full Moon

First Prize - 'Full Moon' by Liam Slabber

Mayor’s Choice Award

Tom Vaughan -The New Normal, The Scots College

Winner - 'The New Normal' by Tom Vaughan

‘Resilient Me’ Prize


First Prize - 'Blossom' by Meshi Cthurmer

Short Film

First Prize - 'La Vie' by Nick Ward

2015 Winners



First Prize - 'Trolls' by Rosie Martin



First Prize'Lambent' by Daniel Cai


First Prize'Dustkickers' by Inigo Cole

Local Narrative

Bronte Rainbow

First Prize'Bronte Rainbow' by Mia Samengo

Mayor's Choice Award

Madeline Adamo

Winner - 'Untitled I' by Madeline Adamo

People's Choice Award

El Amour Puede existe

Winner - 'El Amour Puede existe' by Dionne Brown

Short Film

First Prize - 'Dog of Lascaux' by James Byron

2014 Winners



First Prize'Wishes' by Mia Cohen


Michael Millington

First Prize'Untitled' by Michael Millington


Inez Brookes

First Prize'Untitled' by Inez Brookes

People's Choice


Winner - 'Tradition' by Joel Symonds

Short Film

First Prize - 'How the Koala Lost its Tail' by Lochlan Crossley