Direct debit request form

Direct debiting allows your rates to be paid automatically from your bank account on each due date. Direct debit payments may be made directly from most bank accounts in Australia.

On the due date of each instalment, Council will request your bank to automatically debit your account with the amount owing at the time, provided sufficient funds are available.

Most major banks do not levy a charge for this service, however we recommend you check with your financial institution.

If you wish to pay your rates via direct debit, please complete the online form below at least 5 business days prior to your instalment due date.

We will send a reminder notice before each instalment, allowing you to check that the account has sufficient funds. Failure to have sufficient funds may result in a dishonour fee of up to $45, in addition to interest charges.

We encourage you to use this effective and time saving method of paying your rates.

Offline requests can be submitted using our direct debit request form(PDF, 58KB)