Resident Parking Permits

Parking is in high demand throughout the Woollahra Municipality. Parking restrictions in accordance with the New South Wales Road Rules are enforced by Council's Rangers and comprise two types of regulations, statutory and sign posted. Statutory restrictions must be adhered to by all motorists in accordance with the New South Wales Road Rules, whether sign posted or not. All sign posted restrictions must also be complied with.

Council operates a resident parking permit scheme to help alleviate parking congestion in busy areas and to give residents who have little or no off-street parking preferential access to the on-street parking resource.

View the list of streets included in each Resident Permit Parking Zone.(PDF, 150KB) Important note: This list is a guide only. Not every section of each street on the list is included in the associated Resident Parking Zone. If your street appears on the list it does not guarantee your property will be eligible for a Resident Parking Permit. Some properties are not included in the Resident Parking Scheme due to Development Application consent conditions or other Council conditions. You are responsible for checking the on-street signage and confirming your eligibility for a resident parking permit prior to parking your vehicle in any of the listed streets.

You will be able to tell if a resident parking scheme is operating in your area by the distinctive signs on the street. If you are unsure if your property qualifies for the scheme, contact Council's Customer Services Department on 9391 7000. Download the resident parking permit application form.(PDF, 463KB)

Are you eligible for a Resident Parking Permit?

You may eligible for a resident parking permit if you answer YES to ALL these questions:

  • Do you live in a residential parking scheme area? (see Note 1)
  • Is the permit to be issued for your residential address?
  • Do you have either one or nil off-street parking spaces for your property? (see Notes 2, 4)
  • Are you the owner of the vehicle or have continued authorised private use of the vehicle? (see Note 3)

Residents will be required to declare that to the best of their knowledge the information they provide in support of their application for a resident parking permit is true and correct. Council staff may undertake a physical inspection of the subject address and/or review the approved development application plans for the property.

A parking permit obtained through a dishonest act of deception may be considered fraud under section 192E of the Crimes Act, which can carry a penalty of up to $11,000 for individuals in the Local Court.

Eligibility notes

  1. Only residents who reside at a property within a residential parking area will be eligible to apply for resident parking permit.
  2. The size of your off-street parking space/s, the difficulty of access and/or the size of your vehicle will not be taken into consideration.
  3. All applications must include copies of your current vehicle registration to confirm the address of the resident parking permit you are applying for.
  4. Your eligibility is reduced by each off-street parking space at your property. If you have an off-street parking space and two vehicles are registered to your address, then you may qualify for one permit. Copies of both vehicle registrations must be provided and one vehicle nominated for the permit.

Parking permit costs

The annual cost for a resident parking permit is listed on the application form.

What do you need when applying for a parking permit?

When applying for a permit, you will need to complete the resident parking permit application form(PDF, 463KB) and provide the following:

  • A copy of your car registration papers if the vehicle is privately owned; OR if you use a company car a copy of the car registration papers AND a letter from your company (on company letterhead) authorising private use of the vehicle.
  • Residents leasing their property must provide a copy of their Residential Tenancy Lease which shows a minimum lease period of six months plus any one of the current proof of residential status documents below; OR residents who own their property must provide any two of the current proof of residential status documents below:
    • Driver's licence
    • Bank statement
    • Electricity/gas account
    • Telephone account
    • Home and contents insurance
    • Council rates notice (owner residents only)
  • Permit application fee

These documents must accompany your application and must be current (tenancy agreement within the last twelve months and utility bills within the last six months). You can submit your application:

In person:
Woollahra Council customer service centre
536 New South Head Road
Double Bay NSW

By post:
Woollahra Municipal Council
PO Box 61
Double Bay NSW 1360

By email:

By fax:
02 9391 7044.

What else do you need to know?

  1. A permit entitles the holder to unrestricted parking only in the specific area to which your permit applies and where signs state "Authorised Resident Vehicles Excepted" or "Permit Holders Accepted".
  2. To be valid, permits need to be affixed to the inside left-hand-side of your car's front windscreen.
  3. The permit is valid only if it is clearly visible to an authorised officer.
  4. Permit holders must park in accordance with the NSW Road Rules.
  5. The permit is not valid for use on a caravan, box trailer, boat trailer or any vehicle which exceeds 3 tonnes (Rose Bay 2 permits may be issued for boat trailers).
  6. Only one permit can be issued per vehicle.
  7. Residents are not entitled to a permit if they have leased, licensed, alienated, disposed of or permitted any other party to possess or use (for any purpose) any parking space which they are (or were) entitled to possess, or use in association with the premises.
  8. Residents are not entitled to use their permit in the event that they cease living in the residence.
  9. Residents are not entitled to use their permit if a parking space within the premises becomes available for use by them.
  10. Once a permit is issued, it cannot be refunded.
  11. Alteration or misuse of the permit is an offence.
  12. Permits remain the property of Woollahra Municipal Council at all times.
  13. Residents are responsible for remembering to renew their resident parking permit. Council may send renewal notices out one month prior to the expiry date each year. Residents will be required to confirm that they remain eligible for a resident parking permit.
  14. Obtaining a permit does not guarantee you parking in front of your home, but will assist you to obtain parking in your area.

Health Carers Permit

Health carers parking permits are included as part of the standard allocation of parking permits under the Resident Parking Permit Scheme. For eligibility and details please download the health carers parking permit application form.(PDF, 476KB)