Guilfoyle Park

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This small park offers a shady place to sit and have lunch in the heart of Double Bay's shopping precinct.

Getting here

1A Guilfoyle Avenue, Double Bay

Access via Bay Street and Ocean Avenue


  • Shade trees
  • Small paved stage with access to electrical supply


Dogs prohibited at all times


Alcohol consumption prohibited without prior approval of Council.


Guilfoyle's Exotic Nursery

One of the nation's celebrated early gardening families operated a nursery known as the 'Exotic Nursery' from 1851 to 1874 on 3.5 acres (1.4 ha.) centred on a drained swamp now known as Guilfoyle Avenue. This swamp was a previous holding area for run-off from the surrounding slopes and headed 'Spring Brook', a creek which ran to the west of Ocean Avenue, down present Spring Street, emptying into the bay at its western end.

Michael Guilfoyle introduced many trees and shrubs into Australia including the Camellia. He was also responsible for successfully overcoming difficulties previously encountered in propagating the Jacaranda. The slopes of Double Bay and Bellevue Hill each November give tribute to his skill in providing brilliant displays of this magnificent tree. One of his sons, William, is also celebrated in having modelled the Melbourne Botanical Gardens.


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