Woollahra Preschool

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Address: 512 New South Head Road, Double Bay NSW 2028
Telephone: 9327 4921
Email: preschool@woollahra.nsw.gov.au
Open: Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4.00pm (during school terms)

Woollahra Preschool has recently expanded to cater for an additional 20 children/day. Our new playroom opened on 12 October 2020, thanks to a capital grant from the NSW Government and funding from Council.

If you’d like to be considered for a place in 2025 and beyond, please join our waiting list.

This service is a recipient of funding under the N.S.W. Department of education’s Start Strong for Preschools program and fee relief is available for families of eligible children.

Start Strong aims to make 600 hours of preschool participation in the two years before school more affordable by reducing fees for children, with priority given to reducing fees for children in the year before school, and children aged three years and above from low income and Aboriginal families, and children with disability and additional needs.

Our approach

Woollahra Preschool is committed to providing a high quality play-based curriculum that enables children to lay the foundations for success in life.

We work in partnership with parents, staff members and other related services to ensure that the children develop a strong sense of their identity and well-being, establish connections with their world as well as build effective communication skills, confidence and involvement in their learning. Our curriculum is culturally diverse and builds upon individual strengths and interests while valuing play as the most effective medium for learning and development.

We strive to maintain a high standard of professional development to invigorate our delivery of a relevant and emergent curriculum. We share information about current practices and research findings influencing developments in the field of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Exceeding the Quality Standard

Council is committed to providing a high-quality curriculum that helps to lay the best possible foundations for children through our Woollahra Preschool, which has received a rating of ‘Exceeding the National Quality Standard’ for early education and care services as part of the National Quality Framework Assessment process.

Woollahra Preschool music

Frequently asked questions

Who is the preschool for?

Our preschool is available for 3-6 year olds. We are a four-unit centre, catering for 80 children per day. We offer three day or two day placements and priority is given to children who will go to school the following year and children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Families do not have to live in the area to be eligible to attend.

Who provides the service?

Woollahra Preschool is one of the quality community services provided by Woollahra Council who employ a non-teaching director to lead a team of dedicated staff.

Each group of 20 children is cared for by three staff - one teacher with a four year university degree in Early Childhood Education and two childcare workers with a minimum Certificate 3 in Child Studies TAFE qualification.

How is the curriculum developed?

In partnership with the child's parents, a high quality educational curriculum is planned to meet the interests and strengths of the children. This includes:

  • Language and Literature
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Music and Movement
  • Art, Craft, Drama and Construction

We acknowledge that children learn best when they have secure relationships with reliable and caring adults. We ensure children feel emotionally secure so they may learn through play and exploration to develop the skills and knowledge they need to interact positively with others and learn to take responsibility. We aim to extend each child's interest and build upon their strengths while facilitating social skills to ensure every child reaches their potential.

What is provided?

  • Kodaly music.
  • Digital and computer technology are used in each of the rooms.
  • An enormous shaded playground offering great scope for exploration, adventure and gross motor development.
  • A thorough transition to school program, which involves interaction with our local school.

When is the preschool open?

We are open from 8.30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday and follow a typical school calendar of four, 10 week, terms, without the pupil free days. Families are encouraged to arrive by 9.30am and return after 2.30pm to collect their preschoolers.

How to enrol?

Your child may be placed on our wait-list as early as 18 months.

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Fees and charges

On confirmation of a placement, you will be asked to pay a one off, non-refundable enrolment fee of $110. A refundable deposit of $300 is also required at this time. The deposit is refunded after your final bill is paid in full. It is not refunded if the child is withdrawn before starting.

Our Preschool is funded by the NSW Government under the Start Strong program for community preschools. Under this program, the majority of government funding is directed to reducing the daily fee for children who are 4 years old on or before 31 July in 2024, children with disability and additional support needs and children from Aboriginal or low income families. There is a smaller funding allocation for children who will be 4 after 31 July 2024.

As we operate as a not for profit, fees may change dependent on the level of government funding received. Contingent on NSW Government funding we anticipate the following maximum daily fees in 2024:

$90 per day - 3 years old before 31 July
$72 per day - 4 years old before 31 July
$15 per day - Aboriginal children, children with disabilities and children from low income backgrounds

Waitlist fee $53 per child
Entertainment fee per term $48 per term
Hats $23 each
Bus excursions $27

Late fee – each occasion - $26.50 per 15 minutes or part thereof.

Please contact the Preschool Director if you are experiencing financial difficulty to negotiate a suitable payment plan.


  • Ground floor playroom fully accessible
  • Lift access from the car park to first floor
  • Accessible parking spot in the carpark
  • Wheelchair access in all student areas of the preschool
  • Accessible children's bathrooms

Contact us

For further information on Woollahra Preschool, please contact:

Preschool Director
Telephone: 9327 4921
Email: preschool@woollahra.nsw.gov.au