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Local History - Intermission (1930)

Our Local History Collection can transport you into the history and heritage of our local places and people.

Discover a large range of books, manuscripts, photographs, records, maps and other documents which can give insight into Woollahra’s past, and can be used for researching the history of our area. Many resources have been digitised and can be viewed on our Local History Digital Archive, while others can be located at Woollahra Library at Double Bay.

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Due to Library closures, and Library staff working remotely, the Local History team does not have access to the full range of resources to answer enquiries. As a result, our fee-paying service is currently in suspension. If you require in-depth research assistance, or need to have research carried out on your behalf, we look forward to you resubmitting your request in the future, when the Library resumes regular service.

If you have a quick query, please use our online service to submit your question and if staff are able to respond during the current closure they will do so: Ask the Library

Local History
Non-commercial local history research (per hour)  $43.00
Commercial local history research (per hour) $66.00
File retrieval fee (per file part) $16.50
Photographic reproduction - based on cost of reproduction (CR) plus a service charge CR + $14.00
Commercial usage of photograph from Collection (per item per use) $63.00

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