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Drainage improvement works - Quambi Place & Albert Street Edgecliff

Woollahra Council has started work on Quambi Place and Albert Street, outside of 2 Quambi Place and 422 Edgecliff Road.

This work will improve drainage and will dramatically help reduce surface water runoff in the area.

What we are doing:

  • Installing new kerb inlet pit
  • Stormwater Pipe installation


  • Works are scheduled to commence on Monday 29 January 2024, weather permitting
  • Expected to be completed in 3-4 weeks, weather dependant.
  • 7am & 5pm Monday to Friday and 7am – 1pm Saturdays

What to be aware of:

  • The work areas will be barricaded off for safety of workers and public.
  • Traffic controllers will be managing traffic flows and pedestrian access.
  • For your safety and others, please obey any site signage and instructions by traffic

If you have any questions regarding the live works please contact our contractor Civil Streetscapes Pty Ltd Construction Manager Ibrahim Chehab on 0410 659 631.

drainage project.jpg

Contact details

Harry Barnett, project manager