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Rose Bay Park

The Woollahra Local Government Area contains a diversity of natural and urban settings which makes it an ideal location for filming and photography.  We support wherever possible the use of our public places for professional film making, television and commercial stills photography.

Many of Woollahra’s town centres are associated with the finest in fashion, jewellery, cuisine and outdoor dining. Our natural landscapes and town centres attract local, national and international tourists.

Filming and stills photography on Council managed land

Council approval is required for all commercial filming and commercial still photography that relates to advertising, product launches/promotions and fashion shoots. Other types of Stills Photography are exempted and do not require Council approval.

Hiring fees and application process

Filming on private property

All filming on private land must comply with legislation (SEPP 4), which includes:

  • notifying Council of filming activities with at least 5 working days prior notice
  • notifying residents in writing within a 50m radius of the filming location, with at least 5 working days prior notice

Note: In accordance with SEPP 4, filming must not be carried out for more than 30 days within a 12 month period at one particular location

When a production Company is filming on private land or in areas not managed by Council and Council is required to approve parking plans or a unit base, the applicant must complete the filming application form and pay an assessment fee of $159.00.


Suggested locations include:

Features Location
Coastal sea cliffs

Christison Park, Lighthouse Reserve, Signal Hill Reserve, Gap Park

Historic features

Sir David Martin Reserve, Signal Hill Reserve, Gap Park, McKell Park, Blackburn Gardens


Camp Cove Beach, Watsons Bay Baths, Robertson Park, Gibsons Beach Reserve, Parsley Bay Reserve, Lyne Park, Rose Bay Promenade, Rose Bay Park, Redleaf Pool, McKell Park, Rushcutters Bay Park

Stylish town centres

Double Bay, Oxford Street (Paddington), Woollahra.

Harbour pools

Watsons Bay Baths, Parsley Bay Reserve, Redleaf Pool

Numerous leafy, tree-lined streets


Blackburn Gardens


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