Harbourside pools and baths

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COVID safe summer

We need your help so we can all enjoy a COVID safe summer.

Please meet social distancing requirements at all times, avoid crowds and maintain good personal hygiene. Stay at home if you're unwell.

Our staff and security personnel will be monitoring crowds at our beaches and parks during summer. If locations reach full capacity to the extent where social distancing requirements cannot be met, we will need to stop further entry until more space becomes available. For location updates check our Facebook page. We will also be updating our VMS sign boards with site-specific information.

Woollahra has some of the most beautiful and historic beaches, bays and inlets in Sydney. There is approximately 16km of harbourside extending from Rushcutters Bay to Watsons Bay. Many of our foreshore areas enjoy views across Port Jackson to northern Sydney.

Council managed swimming areas

Camp Cove Beach, Watsons Bay

One of Sydney Harbour's finest sandy beaches located adjacent to Sydney Harbour National Park. A great location for snokelling and diving.

Parsley Bay Swimming Enclosure, Vaucluse

Parsley Bay

The enclosure provides an approximate swimming area 150m long and 95m wide and is subject to tidal variations.

Murray Rose Pool, Double Bay

Redleaf Pool

This harbourside tidal enclosure is popular with all age groups, and includes a separate toddlers swimming area. The enclosure provides a swimming area of approximately 90m x 60m.

Watsons Bay Baths, Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay Baths

This harbourside tidal enclosure is popular with all age groups. The enclosure has two sections. The first provides a swimming area of approximately 50m x 45m and the second provides an area of 50m x 14m.

Swimming areas managed by National Parks and Wildlife

Shark Beach, Nielsen Park, Vaucluse

Nielsen Park beach