Parsley Bay Swimming Enclosure

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The enclosure provides an approximate swimming area 150m long and 95m wide and is subject to tidal variations. The swimming enclosure forms part of Parsley Bay Reserve.

Getting here

Please Note: The Parsley Bay Reserve car park and vehicle access to Horler Avenue will be closed during construction of a new pump station at Parsley Bay from 29 May 2024 to late 2026. Read Sydney Water’s notification(PDF, 311KB) for more information and read more about the project here

Horler Avenue, Vaucluse

  • A small car park is available from Horler Avenue. It opens at dawn and closes at approximately 6pm (non-daylight saving time) and 8pm (daylight saving time).
  • Pedestrian access available from The Crescent, Hopetoun Avenue and Horler Avenue.


  • Swimming net


Dogs are prohibited from Parsley Bay Reserve and the swimming enclosure


  • Fishing (line and spear)
  • Scuba diving
  • Smoking


In 1934 a seawall was constructed across the Bay and sand was dredged to create the turfed picnic area. This dredging and other subsequent sand removal created a large hole in the harbour floor below the suspension bridge. This caused the water to become turbid as a result of reduced tidal flushing. In 2003/2004 Council undertook remediation works to improve the Bay’s water quality. The works included:

  • Removal of 1,000m3 of sediment
  • Transplanting of seagrasses
  • Dredging and redistribution of 1,000m3 of sand within the Bay to create an even, gently sloping harbour floor.

The remediation works have been a success and today the Bay maintains some of the clearest water in the Harbour.

More on the history of Parsley Bay(PDF, 116KB)

Swimming advice

  • No life saving services are provided.
  • Beware of slippery rocks.
  • Beware of shallow water when diving.


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