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schools_and_preschoolsCouncil runs a range of sustainability events and programs for schools and preschools located in the Woollahra area to educate and engage the next generation.

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A summary of the key environmental dates and programs for schools in NSW is listed here.The Sustainable Schools Network website also has links to many resources, project ideas, training events and case studies for schools. Our local Eastern Suburbs branch has meetings each term.

Eastern Suburbs Sustainable Schools Network (ESSSN)

The Eastern Suburbs Sustainable Schools Network is a support network for all schools and preschools in the Woollahra, Waverley and Randwick council areas. Interested teachers, parents and others meet each term to discuss sustainability in schools, find out what other schools are doing and learn about the resources and programs that are available to help.

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Environmental Schools Sculpture Prize

essp_250The Environmental Schools Sculpture Prize is our sculpture competition open to all primary and secondary schools within the Woollahra area. Sculptures must reflect an annual environmental theme and are exhibited as part of Council's renowned Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize.

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Join Hollows as Homes

Galah in tree hollow J Turbill OEHFind out how you can report and monitor tree hollows in our area to provide habitat and increase local biodiversity.

Little Green Steps Preschool Program

lgs_250In 2009-10, Woollahra Pre School was selected to participate in the year-long Little Green Steps project. Little Green Steps aimed to create sustainable children's centres.

Children learned through hands-on education, observation and participation and families were involved through hands on implementation, meetings, sustainability workshops, newsletters and displays.

Little Green Steps was originally developed by Wyong and Gosford Councils in 2004. Canterbury, Hurstville, Leichhardt, Waverley and Woollahra Councils partnered to successfully gain funding from the NSW Government’s Environmental Trust to run this project in Sydney.

Little Green Steps Case Study (PDF, 6.4 MB)

School's Tree Day

std_intro_250Every year Council supports local schools and preschools to get their hands dirty on Schools Tree Day.

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School Visits

school_visits_250Council’s Environmental Education Officer is available to visit your school and deliver sustainability presentations on a range of topics such as biodiversity, energy, water saving, climate change and environmental management.

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Waste Education

waste_250Council supports schools and preschools to become sustainable through simple waste minimisation strategies that reduce cost, landfill space, greenhouse gases, and protect our natural resources and environment.

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Solar My School

Solar My SchoolLots of local schools want solar power but don’t know where to start. Solar My School is a free Council program to help local schools navigate a path to solar success, from start to finish.

To find out more, or register your schools interest, visit the Solar My School website.