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Council runs a range of sustainability events and programs for schools and preschools located in the Woollahra area to educate and engage the next generation.

Local programs to support your sustainability projects and teaching

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Kids with native bee hive

Eastern Suburbs Sustainable Schools Network (ESSSN)

ESSSN meetingThe Eastern Suburbs Sustainable Schools Network is a support network for all schools and early learning centres in the Woollahra, Waverley and Randwick council areas. Teachers with a passion for sustainability meet at a different school each term to share current projects and learn about the resources, events and programs available to help.

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Dates and themes for 2023 meetings

  • Term 1 Tuesday 21 March - Supporting your Green Champions - register here.
  • Term 2 Tuesday 20 June - Recycling and canteen waste (TBC)
  • Term 3 Tuesday 22 August - Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub - plant community (TBC)
  • Term 4 Tuesday 14 November - Invertebrates (TBC)

Resources from previous meetings

Recycle school uniforms

This trial project is now complete and we will soon provide a summary of the impacts and future opportunities for schools to recycle uniforms.

Worn Up is not collecting uniforms in 2023.

Woollahra Council worked with Sydney-based company Worn Up to trial school uniform recycling during 2022. Worn Up worked closely with local schools to deliver this program.

Process for collectoinWho are Worn Up?

Worn Up is a business dedicated to the task of recycling school uniforms that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Why recycle school uniforms?

  • Each year 2000 tonnes of School Uniforms end up as waste.
  • The Worn Up Program keeps textile waste out of landfill.
  • Uniforms are made into new long lasting products such as dog beds, acoustic insulation, furniture and more.
  • This trial helps your school bring textile recycling to your community and teach students about the value of worn out textiles.
  • At the end of the program your school will be told the total kilos that have been saved from landfill and the emission reductions associated with this.

What’s was involved?

  1. Participating schools applied to be part of the project.
  2. Schools have 4 scheduled collections each year that are promoted to parents and students prior to the collection days.
  3. Schools will then share their textile waste savings with the school community.

Is there any cost for the school?

Council is sponsoring the program for local public schools for 12 months so there will be no financial cost to your school during this trial.

Are there opportunities for private schools?

Woollahra Council will support by funding the initial cost of the collection pod for private schools. These schools will need to fund their own collections.

Project Update:

This trial is now underway with all public schools in our area participating from Term 1 2022.

More details:

Contact our Environmental Education Officer

02 9391 7095

Reduce your school's carbon emissions

Kids using app

Step 1. Design and implement a project to reduce your emissions.

This case study from Redlands School in Cremorne is an inspiring example of how to make a difference. The school reduced their energy use and emissions from lighting by 68% by installing LED lights.

Step 2. Monitor your emissions and see how your school's emissions change after your project.

Platforms such as ClimateClever can support your school to monitor the impact of your projects.

Woollahra Council have partnered with ClimateClever to support our local schools to reduce carbon emissions.

  • All schools are now able to join this program for free.
  • There are paid tiers that schools can upgrade to, which will allow for multiple sites/offices, annual reports and other premium features.
  • The ClimateClever staff will provide many examples of what other schools have done to reduce their energy use and emissions.
  • See the example from Redlands school in Cremorne to see how schools are using this platform to help share their reductions in carbon emissions.

What’s involved?

This is a wonderful opportunity to design, implement and monitor the outcomes of sustainability projects with your school's green team. This app-based program provides schools with resources to design carbon savings projects and monitor their impact.

  • Measure and reduce your school's carbon and environmental impact.
  • Link carbon reduction initiatives to the national curriculum.
  • Use your school buildings as a living laboratory for hands-on learning.
  • Engage your community around low carbon living.
  • Network with other schools implementing the program.

How do we get involved?

  1. Ensure the Principal and school sustainability champions (teachers, students and/or P&C) are interested to join.
  2. Register your school on the ClimateClever website.
  3. Schedule a discussion with ClimateClever to talk through the program details.
  4. Use the app to create your baseline carbon footprint from your utility bills.
  5. Create a plan based on successful actions from other schools.
  6. Download student lesson plans and resources to integrate the ClimateClever program into various learning areas.
  7. Track your progress and celebrate your impact.

To register your interest:

You can sign up directly on the ClimateClever website.

More details:

Contact our Environmental Education Officer

02 9391 7095

Greening your school - Tree Day

Tree dayEvery year Council supports local schools and preschools to get their hands dirty on Schools Tree Day.

Contact us to learn how to apply for a site check and plants for your school's tree day planting.

Solar My School

Students with solar panelLots of local schools want solar power but don’t know where to start. Solar My School is a free Council program to help local schools navigate a path to solar success, from start to finish.

To find out more, or register your schools interest, visit the Solar My School website.

Recycling and waste education

waste_250Council supports schools and preschools to become sustainable through simple waste minimisation strategies that reduce cost, landfill space, greenhouse gases, and protect our natural resources and environment.

Find out more about our school waste education programs.

School visits

School visitsCouncil’s Environmental Education Officer is available to visit your school and deliver sustainability presentations or provide support to your school's sustainability team. Themes include:

  • urban wildlife
  • creating habitat for small birds
  • energy audits and action.

Complete the application form.

Resources to support your sustainability projects and teaching