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Become a Bushcare volunteer

Bushcare VolunteersGet involved in caring for our precious native spaces. We currently have Bushcare groups helping to improve bushland at:

  • Cooper Park (Kendall St)
  • Cooper Park (Edward St)
  • Cooper Park (Cooper Park Road)
  • Gap Park
  • Harbourview Park
  • Parsley Bay
  • Trumper Park
  • Paddington Nursery

Creating Habitat in Your Garden

Habitat GardenMake your backyard a haven for native animals with Woollahra's Guide to Habitat Friendly Native Garden Design (PDF) and other resources.

Visit our example bird habitat garden in Gap Park, Watsons Bay to get some inspiration!

Report a Wildlife Sighting

report_sightingLet us know if you spot an interesting native plant or animal so we can monitor and protect our local biodiversity.

We have recently spotted Brush Turkeys in our area and are interested to know if more are around. Let us know through this form if you see one!

Join a Local Garden

community_gardenGet your hands dirty and join a Communal or Community Garden in your area.

Convert your Pool to a Pond

pool_to_pondConvert your unused swimming pool into a pond with expert help and advice.

Join Hollows as Homes

Galah in tree hollow J Turbill OEHFind out how you can report and monitor tree hollows in our area to provide habitat and increase local biodiversity.

Join our Native Christmas Tree Program

native_xmas_treeHave a living Christmas tree this Christmas, then donate it to one of our local parks!

Help out on National Tree Day

ntd_2015_250Every year Council supports community members to get their hands dirty on National Tree Day.