Trumper Park Trail

Explore the Trumper Park trail in Paddington

Trumper Park is one of our favourite local hidden secrets to escape the hustle and bustle. A short ten minute walk from Edgecliff Station, this park consists of a series of walking trails connecting surrounding Paddington streets through regenerated bushland.

Trumper park walk
Beautiful shady spot for an on-lead dog walk

Trumper Park Trail

We have put together a 1.6km circuit to discover sunset views, magnificient Moreton Bay figs, our famous local cricketer and the tranquil pond.

Trumper park trail map
Click on the image above to open the Trumper Park Walk

Stop 1: Where will you find the best views?

The seats behind the tennis courts at the top of the park is a great place to relax, enjoy the city views and watch the sunset. Sit back and take it all in.

Stop 2: Which giant tree inspired a book?

The giant Moreton Bay Figs in the park inspired the children’s book The Riddle of the Trumpalar by Judy Bernard-Waite. Cass and Carl dissolve into the tree trunk and travel through time in their efforts to save the tree.

Trumper park fig tree
The giant Moreton Bay Fig tree

Stop 3: How old are these large trees?

This Moreton Bay Fig is estimated to be around 130 years old. The buttress roots provide support for the broad canopy and help the tree gather moisture and nutrients. These figs produce purple fruits that are a favourite of Grey-headed Flying Foxes and many local birds.

Stop 4: Who was Trumper?

Get to know our local cricket legend Victor Trumper. As you pass by the Trumper Oval’s Grandstand you’ll spot the plaque recognising one of Australia’s best batsman of all time. Trumper is celebrated as the most stylish and versatile batsman of the Golden Age of cricket.

Trumper Park sports
Trumper Park Oval named after local cricket legend Victor Trumper

Stop 5: Where is the best place to cool down?

The backdrop to Trumper pond is a striking sandstone wall – a reminder of the decades this site was used as a sandstone quarry. Listen out for frogs, search for tadpoles and see if you can spot one of the local Pacific Black Ducks that enjoy this shady refuge. Just remember: please don't feed the ducks. Feeding ducks bread or processed food can make them sick and may also lead them to become dependent on visitors, can attract rodents and grow mould.

Trumper park duck
Ducks in Trumper pond

Pause for a Play

Trumper Park also features a fantastic playground with rickety bridge, monkey bars, sand pit cubby and swing set. And after you’ve all walked up an appetite, you can grab a coffee or treat at one of the surrounding boutique Paddington cafes or amble to Edgecliff Centre where a variety of shops await.

Trumper park terrace
Amble through Paddington village and catch a glimpse of beautifully restored terrace homes

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