Woollahra 2032

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Community Strategic Plan: Woollahra 2032

The Community Strategic Plan (CSP), Woollahra 2032, is a 10-year plan that sets our long term vision and objectives. It identifies the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future and plans strategies for achieving these goals. It has a focus on environmental, social, economic and civic leadership objectives.

The CSP outlines Council's key opportunities and challenges, identifies strategies for taking advantage of and meeting them, and establishes baselines and targets so we can measure our progress.

Our community were invited to share their feedback on the draft Plan throughout the exhibition period, running from 6 April - 15 May 2022. After public exhibition, Council staff and Council's Strategic & Corporate Committee reviewed all feedback and submissions, making recommendations for the final Plan in response. The final Community Strategic Plan was adopted by Council 27 June 2022.

Council's progress in delivering its Community Strategic Plan is reported at the second meeting of each newly elected Council by the State of Our City Report. The next Report is due in September 2024.